Shedding Complementarianism (by Elizabeth K. Casey)

By Elizabeth K. Casey: For the past two years, I have been blogging on a variety of issues–and one specific issue I’ve written a lot on is the complementarian versus egalitarian marriage debate. I follow many writers across the spectrum of this discourse. Lately, there has been a flurry of activity on social media intended [Read More...]

What is Love? (Jonathan Storment)

What Is Love? Some of the most poetic words ever written about love didn’t come from a wedding or romantic story, they came from a heated church argument. I have done a lot of weddings in my life, and often I am asked to incorporate the beautiful words of Paul in I Corinthians 13.  Love [Read More...]

Friendship Possibilities

Let us agree (1) that friendship as a common art, friendships between males and friendships between females, has fallen into neglect and (2) that there are more than solid theological and biblical grounds for resurrecting friendship by Christians, among Christians, among the church and among Christians and those of other or no faiths. What would [Read More...]

Formalized Friendships

One of the marks of “friendship” in our world is that they are the “freest, the least constrained, the least fixed and determined, of all human loves.” This from Wesley Hill, Spiritual Friendship, xiii, and a theme throughout his book. A theme, in fact, that is seriously challenged by a proposal that Wes Hill offers, namely, [Read More...]

The Changing Face of Friendship

A good reading in the history of friendship makes manifest that friendship, probably most especially in the 20th Century, has changed dramatically. If one reads, for instance, the great two chapters on friendship by Aristotle in his Nicomachean Ethics, or the essays and letters on friendship by Cicero, one sees that friendship was a much-discussed and [Read More...]

Wifely Submission: Two Views

The first view, from Johanna Harris Tyler: Potential abuse. The proponents of male headship have a tough job to convince the watching world that the hierarchy at the centre of their vision for marriage and church order is not more prone to abusive activity than the egalitarian alternative. Baird is right to call out male [Read More...]

His Greatest Imprints (by Jonathan Storment)

Time for our readers to offer a big congrats to Jonathan and Leslie for the arrival of their 4th child! If you aren’t from Churches of Christ, then you probably haven’t heard of the Siburt family, but inside the tribe I belong to, they are like the Graham family of our movement.  Specifically Charles Siburt, [Read More...]

Thinking Ahead

Now that we are Anglicans we have become much more aware of the church calendar and, inasmuch as the good Rector Jay Greener and Curate Amanda Holm Rosengren invite me to join in on the teaching/preaching team, I have begun to think about how preaching over an entire year. I grew up in the kind [Read More...]

When the Wife is Happy…

Source: When the wife is happy with a long-term partnership, the husband is happier, no matter how he feels about the marriage. For marital quality, it seems the wife’s happiness matters more than the husband’s. The conclusion comes from a new study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, which looked at the marital satisfaction [Read More...]

Cohabitation and Marriage: A New Study with Revealing Results

Scott Stanley: In a new paper, Bowling Green State University sociologist Karen Guzzo analyzes how the odds of cohabitation leading to either getting married or breaking up have changed over the years. Before getting to her findings, let’s review some of the cohabitation trends she highlights in her report (based on prior studies). 1) The [Read More...]