Love in the Key of Delight 26

Here’s a question the women of Jerusalem ask the woman who is seeking to find her absent lover: [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 25

Song of Songs 5:2-8 tells a story of invitation, delay, disappointment and search — the woman is asleep, her lover knocks on the door, she delays in responding, he disappears and she searches for him. Love sometimes issues an urgent plea to respond … and yet in delaying or not delaying there can be danger [Read More...]

Love in the Key of Delight 23

Whether in her dream or in the reality of being awakened from a dream, the woman has teasingly said to her shepherd lover at the door that she is not attired to come to the door. But something happens that stirs her; he seemingly opens the door. But… [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 22

The shepherd’s lover now will give a second long speech; the first one was in 2:8–3:11 which was followed by his speech (4:1–5:1). Now she speaks in 5:2–6:3: [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 21

The young shepherd lover continues his delight in his lover by cmparing her to his own garden of delights, a garden locked so that only he and she will enjoy that garden: [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 20

A word for men … the Song of Songs brings into poetic imagery the delight of love. The delight in love that both a woman and man enjoy — only rarely, however, do both bring into poetic expression to one another such delight in one another. This is not a sex manual, but a poetic [Read More...]

Love in the Key of Delight 18

The shepherd-lover announces his intent in 4:6 in words that are charged with emotion that is masked for all but the two lovers themselves — we watch only by entering into the imagery: [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 17

You can’t read the following verses (Song 4:1-5) without both knowing just exactly what the young man delights in in his lovely lover and also all he’s leaving unsaid. Just read it and see what it images for you: [Read more...]

Love in the Key of Delight 16

We enter into a difficulty at Song of Solomon 3:6-11: are there two major characters (Shulamite woman and Solomon, her lover) or three (Shulamite, her shepherd lover, and Solomon)? I have for a long time fallen prey to the view that there are three characters and that by the time the Song is over, we [Read More...]

Love in the Key of Delight 15

When I look over the woman’s speech that we have looked at this week, I am reminded again of her utter delight in her lover. There are characteristics of this woman’s love that are worth our reminding ourselves of: [Read more...]