A Good Infograph about Divorce

Source: BestCounselingDegrees.net [Read more...]

America, Church Divorce Rates

Source: In her book, The Good News About Marriage, Feldhahn lays out what she found during her eight years of investigating the complicated, complex divorce statistics. First, the divorce rate is way below 50 percent and much lower for those who attend church. Feldhahn estimates the overall divorce rate for the country is around 31 percent. [Read More...]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: Jesus, Marriage, Divorce (John Frye)

Our Friday From the Shepherd’s Nook post is, as always, by John Frye. Jesus sits and teaches as the new Moses correcting the distorted teachings and practices of Torah related to marriage and divorce. We will review chapters six and seven of Scot McKnight’s Story of God Bible Commentary: Sermon on the Mount. Torah intends [Read More...]

Loveology: A Review

This review is by a person who has thought about the topic and by a person to whom John Mark Comer has written his book, Loveology. The review is by former student, Kellie Carstensen, who led a student group that met in my office routinely to discuss relationships and love. When Traditional Meets Trendy: John Mark [Read More...]


We need books on love, and we need books on marriage, and what we most need is both to soaked with how the Bible and Christian faith teach both — because we inhale and exhale modernity’s and postmodernity’s perceptions of both, and the former is connected to radiating emotions and the second to happiness, and [Read More...]

Why Millennials are Not Marrying (Corrie Mitchell)

Source 1. We’re driven by our careers. 2. True love isn’t waiting. 3. Men are acting like boys. 4. We don’t know how to date. 5. Singleness is attractive. [Read more...]

Jesus, Paul and Grounds for Divorce

At the Ecclesia church planter’s gathering last week Bill Webb presented on the redemptive movement hermeneutic and then I “illustrated” Bill’s approach by looking at the divorce texts in the NT to discern how redemptive moves take place with respect to the realities of this world (with marriage, divorce, and remarriage). My focus was on [Read More...]

Perceiving Commitment Levels of Co-habitation

From LiveScience: Marriage is linked with numerous health benefits that simply cohabiting doesn’t seem to provide. Now, research suggests the reason why — the brain links “just” living together with a lack of commitment and can’t relax. The new study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine the brains of cohabitating and married heterosexual couples, as [Read More...]

This Pope is Different, a Valentine Message from Francis

Source Today, everything is changing rapidly and nothing lasts for long. This sort of mentality leads so many who are getting ready for marriage to say they will be together for as long as love lasts,” which can lead to divorce, he said. Love has to be built together, he said, not alone. “To build [Read More...]

Sandra Stanley on Marriage Words

Sandra Stanley’s wise words about words: While nothing was dramatically wrong in their relationship, they realized what had begun as humor and innocuous teasing had slowly become a bad habit. The bad habit grew into something more significant, eroding the once-healthy respect and affection that had characterized their early marriage years…. A few thoughts to [Read More...]