Perceiving Commitment Levels of Co-habitation

From LiveScience: Marriage is linked with numerous health benefits that simply cohabiting doesn’t seem to provide. Now, research suggests the reason why — the brain links “just” living together with a lack of commitment and can’t relax. The new study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine the brains of cohabitating and married heterosexual couples, as [Read More…]

This Pope is Different, a Valentine Message from Francis

Source Today, everything is changing rapidly and nothing lasts for long. This sort of mentality leads so many who are getting ready for marriage to say they will be together for as long as love lasts,” which can lead to divorce, he said. Love has to be built together, he said, not alone. “To build [Read More…]

Sandra Stanley on Marriage Words

Sandra Stanley’s wise words about words: While nothing was dramatically wrong in their relationship, they realized what had begun as humor and innocuous teasing had slowly become a bad habit. The bad habit grew into something more significant, eroding the once-healthy respect and affection that had characterized their early marriage years…. A few thoughts to [Read More…]

Emotional Modesty

From Holly Gerth, a conversation starter: A few weeks ago a friend of mine were chatting. Her husband is in a leadership role at a church and she shared how women often confide in him in ways that are personal. That led us to a discussion about how easy it is to share your heart [Read More…]

Marriage Pitfalls (by Jim Martin)

My good friend, Jim Martin, VP at Harding Graduate School, wrote this up the other day: Most of us need at least one of these; some of us more than one. 1.  Beware of ignoring your wife’s spiritual development while you focus on feeding yourself and the congregation.  A ministry couple can easily drift apart [Read More…]

Ann’s Encouraging Words

From Ann Voskamp: There’s a world that wants to force women into smothering plastic molds and whisper that she wants to be a shape and not free. There’s a relentless refrain that wants to cage women into polished skin, into glossy boxes, into cheap ornaments and tell her that she really wants this, they know [Read More…]

What is Love?

Stephen Post: Love manifests itself in different ways, all of which are necessary and useful. If love is the hub of a wheel, its spokes point outwards according to the needs of the beloved. There are at least ten modulations or forms that love takes. Celebration is love affirming the lives and achievements of others; Helping is [Read More…]

Can We Read One Another’s Minds? Andrew Root Says Yes

We all know the experience of the irresistible nature of yawning — when someone we loves yawns we yawn right back. Somewhere I read that those with good skills of empathy yawn when others in a room yawn while those with low skills in empathy don’t yawn back. Yawning, then, is a starting point to [Read More…]

The Marriage Issue

David Frum may well have it nailed: The marriage issue, Frum is arguing, needs to be fought at the level of getting people married and getting people to stay married. So should the Christian leadership focus on marriage and love and fidelity? Washington (CNN) — The Supreme Court will hear arguments this week in two same-sex marriage [Read More…]

The Brownson Challenge

At the heart of the traditional view of same-sex relations is “gender complementarity.” That is, men and women are designed by God physically and constitutionally to complement one another. Often gender complementarity is connected to hierarchy but most often the connection is anatomical. James V. Brownson challenges gender complementarity in his new book, Bible, Gender and [Read More…]