Mabanteneni Appeal

For about a month out of every year, “peace on earth, good will to men” escapes our lips and our wallets with an almost unconscious ease. Christmas and New Year charity resolutions. It’s just what we do. The New Year’s resolution may lead us to open doors, to pay for the guy behind us at [Read More…]

Mabanteneni Update 1

Some of you will know that Jesus Creed supports the orphaned children in Swaziland at Mabanteneni Carepoint. We would encourage you to begin 2012 thinking about if maybe you might be prompted to help these poor children. The following post is written by the good folks at HopeChest … and we thank them for administrating [Read More…]

So Grateful

We want to thank the good folks out there who are sponsoring children at Mabanteneni in Swaziland through HopeChest. Wow, we’ve got only one child left, and through the Jesus Creed community we have sponsored 24 children! Will you consider supporting Mabanteneni’s community of orphans and pastors and Go-Gos who care for the local kids? [Read More…]

A Time to Think

It’s the time of the year in Swaziland when the summer heat is rising and the children at Mabanteneni will begin to have even more needs. It’s a time we think again about how we can help these kids. Through our Jesus Creed community, we have sponsored 21 children which is awesome.  We have 4 [Read More…]

Our Kids are Moving with Us

Our Mabanteneni kids, that is, will be showing up on Patheos from time to time. Kris and I are committed to helping orphans in Swaziland at a place called Mabanteneni.  The needs, as you may know, are desperate but one thing we can do is offer help fund ministries like those of Hope Chest that [Read More…]

Back to School …

I’ve been thinking about school starting up this year, and I’m reading about school in news stories, and we’ve heard of kids getting ready for school … and it made me think about our kids in Mabateneni, a small village in Swaziland where we support orphan kids. The needs, as you may know, are desperate [Read More…]

Swazi Kids

With the Lenten season upon us now, a time when we reflect upon sin in preparation for the gracious forgiveness of God in Christ, perhaps we could reflect upon systemic injustices in this world. Perhaps, too, upon what we can do.  We want to join together financially (34 dollars per month for one child), in [Read More…]

A Lenten Plea

Whether you look to the laws of Deuteronomy on caring for the poor and widows and orphans, or to the prophets criticizing the leaders for oppressing the marginalized, or to Jesus’ blessing of those who were otherwise overlooked and oppressed, or to James’ powerful statement that pure and uncontaminated religion is to care for widows [Read More…]

Swaziland is Dying

Many of you know the Jesus Creed blog is working to support a poor village filled with orphans in Mabanteneni, in Swaziland. We are doing this through HopeChest, a Christian relief organization in Colorado Springs. Tom Davis, CEO of HopeChest, wrote this post for our blog… and we’re encouraging you to join Kris and me [Read More…]

Our Sponsorships are Growing

We are privileged people. Many children in the world are not, like this little orphaned child in Swaziland. Would you think of sponsoring this little child? At the Jesus Creed blog, we are asking you to consider joining Kris and me in supporting a CarePoint in Swaziland that could make a life-saving and spiritual difference in [Read More…]