Relational Theology: Roger Olson

Roger Olson, of Truett Theological Seminary, gave a talk at Missio Alliance on “relational theology,” and I clip a a few paragraphs to incite you to read his whole presentation: The second view of God’s sovereignty, the one I plan to expound here, isrelational theism. Oord, one of the editors and authors of Relational Theology, defines [Read More…]

Missional at Missio Alliance

Kris and I are in Alexandria VA at the first Missio Alliance Conference, a conference this year dedicated to the gospel. This is a gathering of Christian leaders dedicated to participating in the mission of God and at the same time concerned about articulating the gospel in its missional location. Here is an outline of [Read More…]

The Missio Alliance eBook Sale from Zondervan

We’re excited to present this deal on ministry and theology eBooks from Zondervan! For a limited time, get these great eBooks by Missio Alliance speakers for only $3.99. These are essential reads on gospel, scripture, and the kingdom of God. They will equip you and your ministry to carry out God’s mission in the world. [Read More…]

Prodigal Christianity

My friend and colleague, David Fitch, is the co-author of a book with his co-pastor and our fellow colleague at Northern Seminary, Geoff Holsclaw, called Prodigal Christianity that I really like. David and Geoff are missional theologians, they are also pastors and professors. I have concerns about what might be called “armchair ecclesiologians,” that is, academics [Read More…]

Missio Alliance

Just in case you haven’t heard, we are a part of a new coalition of church leaders called Missio Alliance, and our first conference will be next April 11-13 in Alexandria VA. Here is a link to the presenters, schedule and costs. I encourage pastors and leaders to consider this opportunity to hear expositions of [Read More…]