MissioLife: Scripture Reads You

One of the best ideas I ever encountered was when I read a book that explained the difference between reading the Bible informationally vs. reading the Bible formationally. The book was by Robert Mulholland and it was a great blessing to me — I’ve not taught again the same way. Yes, we need to know [Read More…]

MissioLife: Spiritual Formation

There is a tendency in the church to turn “spiritual formation” into a purely personal and private issue — into something that is between you and God. It is. Spiritual formation is personal but it is never private. This is why I appreciate MissioLife so much: it is about spiritual formation … Personally… Corporately… Locally … [Read More…]

MissioLife: Intergenerational

When I was a little guy there was an old man in our church who had the right word for lots of situations. Here’s one I remember: at Christmas time, our pastor often asked college students to identify themselves and let us know where they were attending college/university. A number of schools were mentioned. About [Read More…]

MissioLife: From Literacy to Intimacy

If you haven’t already heard about MissioLife, this is your introduction. Chris Folmsbee, along with a team of leaders who care about spiritual formation and local church and children and young adults and adult small groups — for both the individual and for the local church, have now developed MissioLife as a new digital small [Read More…]