Speaking the Truth in Love

Mark Galli, in his piece at CT, suggests that following Jesus — and here he is not into a literalistic sense but a new “living it out” in our world mode — will sometimes mean offending people. The point is this: There were moments in Jesus’ ministry when he denigrated—that is, according to the dictionary [Read More…]


Yesterday I was at Willow’s youth leadership conference called Shift. A full day but lots of fun. I’m not a youth minister, obviously — nor was I a very good one when I gave it a whirl, but if I were one today these kinds of conferences would be a highlight. [Read more…]

Missional Jesus: All of it

This will no doubt be the longest post I’ve ever had, but I’ve had enough requests so here it is … all 60 posts of the Missional Jesus series. [Read more…]

Missional Jesus 60

This is it. We finish off with Acts 1:8. First the text: [Read more…]

Missional Jesus 59

Two more texts to look at in this series on Missional Jesus. Today we look at Luke 24:36-49. [Read more…]

Missional Jesus 58

The Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20) is one of the last things Jesus says that shapes our perception of Missional Jesus. [Read more…]

Missional Jesus 57

From the sublime to the obscure. The text today (Luke 22:35-38) is not clear. [Read more…]

Missional Jesus 56

We come to the last week of this lengthy series on missional Jesus, which was begun for one reason: because I wanted to sort out for my own thinking what a full sweep of the Gospels would reveal if we kept asking “What was missional Jesus’ mission?” (Our next series will be on Colossians and [Read More…]

Missional Jesus 55

Now, how does one talk about Matthew 24 in one day? By keeping it short and to the point. I’ll do my best. [Read more…]

Missional Jesus 54

The harshest words Jesus ever uttered can be found in Matthew 23. It is not possible to do a full study here, so I will make a few points. In essence, his point is this: “hypocrisy” transcends the common contradiction of practice and belief. For Jesus it refers to both contradiction and false moral guide. [Read more…]