Ed Stetzer on Missional in the Way of Jesus

Good post by Ed Stetzer: I cannot define the word “missional,” at least not in an authoritative or definitive way, for everyone. But I can tell you why I think it must include Jesus mission to see and save the lost (Luke 19:10). This does not mean that much of the concern about the way [Read More...]

Church Planting Stress

Ed Stetzer’s article about losing the soul in the church planting process is worth reading for all who (1) are church planting, (2) struggling to get a church self-sustaining, or (3) who are involved in a church plant. What is your wisdom here? Alan (not his real name) started a successful church in a large [Read More...]

Yoder and Missional Theology

John Howard Yoder, famed Anabaptist/Mennonite theologian and ethicist, on what is often today called “missional”: Instead of asking, ‘What is God doing in the world?’ the church should ask, ‘How can we distinguish, in the midst of all the things that are going on in the world, where and how God is at work?’ From Royal [Read More...]

Mission, not ours, God’s: A Sermon (by Mark Stevens)

Our friend, Mark Stevens, down under in Adelaide, a wonderful spot on God’s green earth, wrote up this sermon and passed it on to me… I like it. I hope you do too. [By the way, Yes, I'd be glad to take a gander at your sermons for publication here.] One cold winter’s eve a [Read More...]

Missional at Missio Alliance

Kris and I are in Alexandria VA at the first Missio Alliance Conference, a conference this year dedicated to the gospel. This is a gathering of Christian leaders dedicated to participating in the mission of God and at the same time concerned about articulating the gospel in its missional location. Here is an outline of [Read More...]

Lost in Conversation: Time for a Witness

How do Christians go about their world as a witness without falling into one of two approaches today that don’t get the job done? The first method is the bold, unapologetic, shove-it-in-your-face-with-love approach one sometimes observes in public places. The other approach is the conversational approach, the kind of conversation where we get lost in [Read More...]

Incarnational Life

Suddenly some Christian leaders began talking about “incarnation” and “incarnational” but the terms were referring not to God Incarnate, that is, God-becoming-body-and-flesh-and-blood, but instead of Christians and churches having an incarnational approach instead of an attractional approach. Then “incarnational” folks got tied to “missional” so that incarnational and missional mean much the same to many. [Read More...]

The Mission of God

Undoubtedly one enduring term today is the word “missional.” What is “missional,” you ask? The answer often comes back with this: “It is to see ourselves in light of God’s mission, the missio Dei, in and for the world.” To me that is like answering this question — What is baseball? — with this answer: “It’s [Read More...]

Prodigal Christianity

My friend and colleague, David Fitch, is the co-author of a book with his co-pastor and our fellow colleague at Northern Seminary, Geoff Holsclaw, called Prodigal Christianity that I really like. David and Geoff are missional theologians, they are also pastors and professors. I have concerns about what might be called “armchair ecclesiologians,” that is, academics [Read More...]

An Every Person Ministry

Tim Keller suggests it takes about 20-25% of a congregation to be engaged in ministry for a church to become a genuine “missional” community. I repeat what I’ve said before: many like to say they are “missional” because they want to avoid being “evangelistic.” Tim Keller is at the other end of the spectrum: missional [Read More...]