Jesus on Being Missional 4

One of those sayings with a funny name, “The Prohibition of Foreign Missions by Jesus,” comes from Matthew 10:5-6. Jesus here tells his followers to concentrate on the “lost sheep” of the house of Israel and not go off to the ways of the Gentiles or to a city of the Samaritans. Jesus’ mission was [Read More...]

Jesus on Being Missional 3

I’ll be off to class early tomorrow morning, so I’m posting this one tonight. And if I don’t get something off early, Kerry Doyal writes me and tells me I’m sleeping in or something. In this third post on Jesus’ view of “missional” as can be seen in Matthew 9:35-11:1 (the so-called “mission”ary discourse), we [Read More...]

Jesus on Being Missional 2

The Real Shepherd, the Pastor of pastors, Jesus himself, was a compassionate person whose compassion for people drove him to prayer and to action for the people. A missional orientation will only be genuinely missional to the degree that it is prompted by compassion. Some missional operations are doing the right thing for the wrong [Read More...]

Jesus on Being Missional 1

In this series of posts, I will look at what Jesus did and said and says to us today about being missional. “Missional,” if you recall, is a global term for what God is doing in this world and how the follower of Jesus is summoned to participate in that great redemptive work of God. [Read More...]

5 “Ls” in Missional Love

I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog or two, and I’ve had enough conversations with pastors and others who’d like a brief listing of this, that I’ve decided to make a separate post of it so it will be more readily available. I can never remember which post it was on. There are 5 “Ls” [Read More...]

Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Cultural

This series on Generous Orthodoxy, which I think remains an evangelical movement until it can find a genuine fourth way, I have looked at a number of features that may provide a basis for conversation as we look into the shape of the Church in the next generation. I see the series a bit of [Read More...]

Top Ten Books: Missional Formation

Graham Old’s comment stung. Thanks Graham. The list on spiritual formation was slanted too one-sidedly toward individualism, and so I want to add a second list to balance it out. This one focuses on formation as a communal and missional endeavor. Community formation shapes individual formation. I’m cheating here with some numbers with more than [Read More...]

What is missional?

Somehow I lost this blog in cyberspace, so here it is again. A very good study of what it means to be missional as found at Andrew Hamilton’s site. [Read more...]

A Come-as-you-are Church

Another “emerging” type book crossed my desk and I want to be an advocate for much of what he says. But first, a clarification: Emergent describes the offical organization of Emergent Village and now coordinated by Tony Jones. Emerging describes the many and varied larger and broader sorts of Christian work going on throughout the [Read More...]

Pro Missional

Enough of the posts on the significance of “post,” though some more will probably come to my head.The emergent movement’s strongest asset and its clear prophetic voice is around this idea: the purpose of the Church, the local church, is to be a missional community. The tendency for many churches is to be stagnant — [Read More...]