From the Shepherd’s Nook – A Pastor’s Take on the New Les Miserables

From John Frye Anyone who knows the storyline of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables (Les Mis) knows that any cinematic rendition will push strongly against the most common USAmerican movie theme: revenge. In conversation recently with friends, we all were troubled by how many movies are driven by the energy of “an eye for an eye, [Read More…]

An Australian Story: Oranges and Sunshine

Michael O’Neil, from Perth, has found a soft spot in this blog: I am woefully unconversant when it comes to movies. So, when someone sends us a post about movies, we’re all over it! Thanks Michael. America mostly attends movies on Fridays and Saturdays — so far as I know — so here we go… [Read More…]

Justin Bieber and Dan Kimball

From Christian Post: In a coming of age cover story photographed by Inez & Vinoodh, the soon to be 18-year-old pop singer discussed his rising fame, paternity suit controversy, and his views on faith and religion. Bieber, an unabashed Christian, is known not to shy away from his beliefs in public, seen in his candid [Read More…]

Movie Attendance in Decline: Why?

Roger Ebert, well-known movie critic: Why are you not going to the movie theater? Box office revenue at movie theaters “lagged far behind 2010,” an article by the AP’s David Germain reports. Partly that was because the year lacked an “Avatar.” Partly because a solid summer slate fell off in the autumn. Germain talks to [Read More…]

Friday Night at the Movies: 127 Hours

Bob Robinson‘s review … by the way, we are happy to post your reviews of movies. Since I see so few movies, I don’t do these very often, but some of you are good at this and this Friday late afternoon is slot is open to you if you have a review. 127 Hours: Being [Read More…]

Friday Night at the Movies: Seven Samurai

This review by James-Michael Smith, originally published at The Examiner, examines The Seven Samurai. In 1954 the late Japanese director Akira Kurosawa made a film that would go on to become the most critically-acclaimed film in all of Japanese cinema history–and one of the most acclaimed worldwide as well. That movie was called “Shichinin no [Read More…]

Friday Night at the Movies: Star Trek

This review is from James-Michael Smith, who writes at The Examiner. When it comes to nerds there are basically two kinds in the world: those who love Star Wars and those who love Star Trek.  Occasionally you will find ubergeeks who equally enjoy both, but most often Trekkies (I know, they prefer to be called [Read More…]

Friday Night at the Movies: Book of Eli Review

MOVIE REVIEW: “The Book Of Eli”  by Jeremy Berg <Envelope Please> “And the winner for the grayest, grimmest, most violent post-apocalyptic thriller of 2010 involving the Bible goes to…..The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington.” <Applause>  This movie is not for the light-hearted or weak-stomached.  This movie paints a very dark picture of humanity in [Read More…]

Friday Night at the Movies: Shutter Island

This movie review comes to us from Travis Greene, well known to those who pay attention to those who comment. Travis blogs as well, and we want to thank him for this review. And, if you have a review you’d like to publish here, send it along.   Shutter Island Review – Travis Greene   Shutter [Read More…]

Friday Night at the Movies: 2012 Review

MOVIE REVEW: THE ESCHATOLOGY OF “2012” by Jeremy Berg Anyone up for another gloom-and-doom, apocalyptic global disaster movie?  Hollywood served up a doozy in “2012.”  I have heard mostly negative reviews of this film.  But I think it delivers in what one should expect in a global disaster film: a lot of disaster and [Read More…]