Where Have All the Skinny Jeans Pastors Gone?

From CT: American pastors aren’t as young as they used to be. As clergy live longer and stay in ministry longer, the average age of Protestant senior pastors has risen to 54—a decade older than 25 years before, when the average age was 44. Now, just 1 in 7 pastors leading congregations is under 40, [Read More…]

The Renegade Pastor

One of the big surprises of our recent tour of Turkey and Greece, and we are hoping Turkey will calm down to welcome tourists again, was meeting some folks I had not met. One of whom is Nelson Searcy, a leader and networker extraordinaire, who wrote The Renegade Pastor. The subtitle both defines what “renegade” means [Read More…]

Kingdom Challenges to Leadership

I once heard of a well known Christian leader/theologian who claimed this: “leadership is the imposition of the leader’s will on others.” Michelle Lee-Barnewall would disagree, and do so quite firmly. Imposing one’s will on others flatly contradicts cruciform existence. In our previous post on Lee-Barnewall’s book Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian we examined her sketch [Read More…]

Yes, Your Pastor Needs a Sabbatical

By Josh Ross Image The Gift of Sabbaticals Josh Ross is the Lead Minister at the Sycamore View Church in Memphis, TN. He is the author of Scarred Faith and co-author of Bringing Heaven to Earth. You can connect with him on Twitter at: @joshualouisross. My sabbatical came at a time when I needed a [Read More…]

Pastor-Theologian: A Different Angle (by David Fitch)

A few weeks back my colleague David Fitch had an important post on the pastor-theologian that caught fire. It has been a hot topic in the blogosphere alot lately. Here it is again. Give him your response and he’ll be sure to pipe in.  (@fitchest Reclaiming the Mission) The Pastor-Theologian in a Different Light Ministerial [Read More…]

Pastors Need Collaboration (by Lauren Visser)

August was an exciting month for me.  For the first time, I preached five Sundays in a row!  I had prayed through the series for over a month, and I felt called to lead my congregation through the book of Ruth.  (For those who immediately know that Ruth only has four chapters, I split chapter [Read More…]

Follow/Don’t Follow the Leader (by Michelle Van Loon)

By Michelle Van Loon: In the last week alone, a fairly well-known Bible teacher in the Messianic community, Ligonier Ministries head RC Sproul, Jr., and the President of Southern Baptist-affiliated North Greenville University each stepped down from their leadership positions after violating their marriage vows. In the case of at least two of them, they were [Read More…]

Defining Servant Leadership: The Major Elements

People enter into leadership for a variety of reasons, including passion and skills and gifts and a desire to lead and a desire to control and — here comes our theme — a desire to serve. I believe many today who are leaders have gifts and skills and passion but too often are dominated by [Read More…]

Are You an Emotionally Healthy Leader?

In Peter Scazzero’s new book, aptly titled The Emotionally Healthy Leader,  is a set of questions that can be asked to see if you are an emotionally healthy leader. Being an emotionally unhealthy leader is not an all-or-nothing condition; it operates on a continuum that ranges from mild to severe, and may change from one season [Read More…]

Smell Like the Sheep, so says Pope Francis (to profs and pastors)

Source: Pope Francis has called on Catholic theologians not to simply practice an academic exercise of studying at their desks, but to take their work to the frontiers to “pour oil and wine over the wounds of humankind.” Writing in a letter last week to the theological faculty of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, [Read More…]