Are You an Emotionally Healthy Leader?

In Peter Scazzero’s new book, aptly titled The Emotionally Healthy Leader,  is a set of questions that can be asked to see if you are an emotionally healthy leader. Being an emotionally unhealthy leader is not an all-or-nothing condition; it operates on a continuum that ranges from mild to severe, and may change from one season [Read More...]

Smell Like the Sheep, so says Pope Francis (to profs and pastors)

Source: Pope Francis has called on Catholic theologians not to simply practice an academic exercise of studying at their desks, but to take their work to the frontiers to “pour oil and wine over the wounds of humankind.” Writing in a letter last week to the theological faculty of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, [Read More...]

The Primacy of Pastor-ing (by T)

This post by T. The Primacy of Pastor-ing Just a few posts ago, John Frye put up a controversial post here, titled “The Primacy of Pastor” which received not a little push back, including from me. For this post, though, I’d like to focus on what I hope can be a source of at least [Read More...]

“Pastor”: Drop the Caricature (by John Frye)

Because of the drift away from Jesus the Pastor (Shepherd), the pastoral landscape is awash with convoluted definitions of pastoral work squeezed into an American cultural mold. I desire to be a voice for and champion of the local church pastor with the understanding that Jesus is the Supreme Example of and Empowering Reality for [Read More...]

The Primacy of Pastor

John lets loose here a bit, and I support him. Too many who don’t know what pastoring is are trying to refashion what pastoring is supposed to be. He (and I) could give names but won’t. The Primacy of Pastor (by John Frye) You would think that with all the second-guessing about and dismissal of [Read More...]

Oh No We Don’t!

This fella, Carey Nieuwhof, says we need more entrepreneurs and fewer shepherds. Oh not we don’t! I realize I might be opening up a controversial conversation. But I think it has to be said. And I hope you’ll hear me out. If the church is going to reverse some trends and maximize potential, we need [Read More...]

Oh No They’re Not!

This fella says politicians and pastors have the same “skill set” — oh not they’re not the same! Try reading some New Testament. Hundreds of pastors flocked to the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, last Friday to gather resources, ideas and strategies surrounding how they can successfully run for political office in 2016.  The [Read More...]

The Pastor’s Calling

While it has been said often that Martin Luther urged Christians to sanctify all of life so that everyone was called and had a vocation from God, pastors, priests and ministers continue to talk about being called. Thus, Luther put it this way: All our work in the field, in the garden, in the city, in the home, in [Read More...]

The House of Prayer

Psalms: The House of Prayer- Part 1 (by John Frye) I have been pondering Eugene H. Peterson’s comment that his “primary educational task as pastor was to teach people to pray” (The Contemplative Pastor, 96). Peterson, like many other wise spiritual directors, points us to the Psalms. “The Psalms make it possible to say things [Read More...]

A Modest Plea for Coaches to Stay Pastors (by Geoff Holsclaw)

Geoff Holsclaw is my colleague at Northern Seminary, a fine young pastor and professor, and this post gets right to the heart of what I have myself been observing about too many young pastors — leaving pastoring to become “coaches.” Read and drop a comment. By Geoff Holsclaw, A Modest Plea for Coaches to Stay [Read More...]