Is the Sermon Toxic? (by Jeff Cook)

This post, by Jeff Cook, comes to me the day after preaching a sermon at Church of the Redeemer! I believe in sermons, but I do know that some churches create a Sunday service that functions as “Come hear me preach” event. When the whole of the Sunday “event” is wrapped up in that sermon [Read More...]

In Defense of Andy

A blast from the past. Andy Stanley, in an interview with Ed Stetzer, was asked about “verse-by-verse” preaching. He called it “cheating” and … his response leaves me with a series of questions that still deserve discussion today: What did Ed mean by “verse-by-verse”? What did Andy understand by “verse-by-verse”? What relationship is there between [Read More...]

Fred Craddock — by Allan Bevere

Preaching and the Life of Study: Some Gleanings from the Late Fred Craddock, by Allan Bevere Fred Craddock, who taught preaching and New Testament at Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, died last Friday at the age of 86. Those of us who preach know his name well. It was simply not possible [Read More...]

Pastors as Parrots

Pastors as Parrots, by John Frye Rick Warren says this… Andy Stanley offers this… Tony Jones suggests that… Rachel Held Evans notes that… Craig Groeschel does this… N.T. Wright counters with … John Ortberg comments that… Gordon MacDonald counsels this… Frost and Hirsch offer this… Halter and Smay commented that… Margaret Feinberg writes that… Bill [Read More...]

Preaching Wisdom (Jonathan Storment)

This past Sunday I started preaching through the book of James for the first time ever.  I have always appreciated James, but have never preached him, and in order to get ready for this series I tried to check out other series done by other pastors and stumbled upon something interesting. James is a book [Read More...]

The Pastor’s Calling

While it has been said often that Martin Luther urged Christians to sanctify all of life so that everyone was called and had a vocation from God, pastors, priests and ministers continue to talk about being called. Thus, Luther put it this way: All our work in the field, in the garden, in the city, in the home, in [Read More...]

Preaching and Posture

A friend (Mark Stevens) writes me this note, and I use it with permission: Every year around this time I enter a kind of pastoral confusion on what to preach. I trust you as both a teacher and evangelical. Every year I am tempted by the lectionary and every year I have my reservations as [Read More...]

How to Listen to a Sermon

In a class this semester, after seeking to explain what James meant in his context — and that means learning to read James in light of themes in James, a student was both in agreement (so it seemed to me) and frustrated, and said, “How in the world can you listen to sermons?” Careful study [Read More...]

The 614th Commandment: A Sermon by Jason Micheli

The 614th Commandment      “I ask you, then, has God rejected his People?” That’s Paul’s first question immediately following today’s long, thick passage: ‘Has God rejected the Jews?’      (Because they reject God in Christ?) You shouldn’t answer too hastily. A couple of years ago, Ali and I were traveling in Southern France, and one [Read More...]

Confessions of a Local Pastor (by Josh Ross)

Confessions from a Local Pastor There’s something addictive about a stage and a microphone and the status that often comes with it. It is a gift from God, but power and authority can easily be abused. So, maybe it’s time for a little confession from a pastor. As much as I love what I do, [Read More...]