Where Have All the Skinny Jeans Pastors Gone?

From CT: American pastors aren’t as young as they used to be. As clergy live longer and stay in ministry longer, the average age of Protestant senior pastors has risen to 54—a decade older than 25 years before, when the average age was 44. Now, just 1 in 7 pastors leading congregations is under 40, [Read More…]

Yes, Your Pastor Needs a Sabbatical

By Josh Ross Image The Gift of Sabbaticals Josh Ross is the Lead Minister at the Sycamore View Church in Memphis, TN. He is the author of Scarred Faith and co-author of Bringing Heaven to Earth. You can connect with him on Twitter at: @joshualouisross. My sabbatical came at a time when I needed a [Read More…]

Pastor-Theologian: A Different Angle (by David Fitch)

A few weeks back my colleague David Fitch had an important post on the pastor-theologian that caught fire. It has been a hot topic in the blogosphere alot lately. Here it is again. Give him your response and he’ll be sure to pipe in.  (@fitchest Reclaiming the Mission) The Pastor-Theologian in a Different Light Ministerial [Read More…]

Tim Keller’s Genius (by Jonathan Storment)

Last week I started a series about Tim Keller’s new book Preaching, and today I would like to talk about what I considered the best part of not just his book, but of Keller’s actual ministry.  Tim Keller’s genius is that he takes the context he lives in seriously.  He has preached in Manhattan for [Read More…]

Keller Speaks, Preachers Listen

One of the favorites of preachers today is Tim Keller, so his new book on preaching will be read by many preachers. It is called Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism (Viking, 2015).  I will be probing here and there in this new book this month, and hope to engage those who preach in [Read More…]

Is the Sermon Toxic? (by Jeff Cook)

This post, by Jeff Cook, comes to me the day after preaching a sermon at Church of the Redeemer! I believe in sermons, but I do know that some churches create a Sunday service that functions as “Come hear me preach” event. When the whole of the Sunday “event” is wrapped up in that sermon [Read More…]

In Defense of Andy

A blast from the past. Andy Stanley, in an interview with Ed Stetzer, was asked about “verse-by-verse” preaching. He called it “cheating” and … his response leaves me with a series of questions that still deserve discussion today: What did Ed mean by “verse-by-verse”? What did Andy understand by “verse-by-verse”? What relationship is there between [Read More…]

Fred Craddock — by Allan Bevere

Preaching and the Life of Study: Some Gleanings from the Late Fred Craddock, by Allan Bevere Fred Craddock, who taught preaching and New Testament at Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, died last Friday at the age of 86. Those of us who preach know his name well. It was simply not possible [Read More…]

Pastors as Parrots

Pastors as Parrots, by John Frye Rick Warren says this… Andy Stanley offers this… Tony Jones suggests that… Rachel Held Evans notes that… Craig Groeschel does this… N.T. Wright counters with … John Ortberg comments that… Gordon MacDonald counsels this… Frost and Hirsch offer this… Halter and Smay commented that… Margaret Feinberg writes that… Bill [Read More…]

Preaching Wisdom (Jonathan Storment)

This past Sunday I started preaching through the book of James for the first time ever.  I have always appreciated James, but have never preached him, and in order to get ready for this series I tried to check out other series done by other pastors and stumbled upon something interesting. James is a book [Read More…]