The Advent of Crucifixion 3

“Who are you, Lord, and what are you up to?” is the question Andrew Purves, in the 2d chp of his book The Crucifixion of Ministry, asks. The minister, to avoid thinking it is all dependent upon him or her and to avoid burnout and to find the grace of God at work, needs to [Read More...]

The Advent of Crucifixion 2

Andrew Purves, in The Crucifixion of Ministry, contends there are two crucifixions in ministry: the first one about seven years in and the next one a long, steady dying to self and to Christ so that “our” ministry becomes “his” ministry. [Read more...]

The Advent of Crucifixion 1

It is almost Advent so that means it is time to think about the Good Friday. An odd statement, you might say to yourself, especially if you are a pastor. But in Andrew Purves’s new book, The Crucifixion of Ministry, we are given a tour into the kind of ministry that lasts, a kind of [Read More...]


We had a busy week. After speaking at Willow’s group life conference Thursday morning and then doing a workshop on Missional Jesus Thursday afternoon, we got up at 4:15am Friday and flew to Baltimore where we were picked up by three missional pastors: Brian, Mark and JR Woodward. [Read more...]


At a dinner with some friends last evening we had a question, which we didn’t chase down, but which has been one that I have thought about over the years: Which is worse for the kingdom — the generous, kind leader whose thoughts sometimes wander from the traditional or the brash, abrasive, mean-spirited leader whose [Read More...]

Burnout for Pastors

I recently got the suggestion to make available information about a pastor’s retreat center from Jim Watters. The report Jim sent me indicates why this is worth a conversation on this blog. [Read more...]

Missional Youth Ministry? A Letter (added “and Response”)

Here’s another letter used with permission. I’ll reply later, but what would you say — how do we make our ministries, including those with our youth, more missional? [Read more...]

When Student Becomes Friend

One of my former students, Kent Palmer, was once asked, “What is your relationship with Scot?” “It’s rather complicated, actually.” So, let me explain: [Read more...]

Teaching Freedom in Seminary

My post last week on thinking about going to seminary unleashed a bag full of suggestions and, in particular, the questions about “to go or not to go” to seminary (its necessity) and “what do you really get out of it” (its affects and effects). I don’t want to address those questions today, but leave [Read More...]

Thinking of Seminary?

I had lunch with one of my former students, one who graduated one month ago, because he wanted to talk about going to seminary. I don’t know why — maybe because I’m accessible through e-mail and this blog or maybe because I’m getting older — but I get asked this question often. So, here’s two [Read More...]