J. Frye’s Jesus the Pastor 3

Where does the pastor, and nearly every one I’ve met has struggles with this one, find his or her identity? John Frye, in Jesus the Pastor, weaves together one big biblical idea with personal realities to frame a solid answer to the formation of pastoral identity. [Read more...]

J. Frye’s Jesus the Pastor 2

John Frye’s excellent, Jesus the Pastor, raises two major issues, the value and role of seminary education and the meaning of “pastoring.” Here’s the question John provoked for me: If you could make one change in a seminary education, what would it be? [Read more...]

J. Frye’s Jesus the Pastor 1

I will be looking at John Frye’s 2000 book Jesus the Pastor: Leading Others in the Character and Power of Christ for a while. John challenges pastors in this book to look to Jesus, not just to pastoral theories and strategies for building bigger and better churches. John’s writing style is poetic and potent, and [Read More...]

Youth Pastors and the Gospel

I had a delightful time with the youth pastors up above Estes Park Tuesday morning. My assignment was to talk about the gospel and how we evangelize in this era when we are trying to get a bigger grip around the full gospel. You can read Marko’s comment and I’ll record some thoughts on my [Read More...]

Youth Pastors, make that Middle School Pastors

Mark Oestreicher invited me to come to Estes Park: Need we ask “Why?” before you know I said “Yes!”? Well, I got there about 8pm or so Monday evening to a lovely place tucked away in the mountains at about 7000 feet. When we pulled into a parking spot, our vehicle scared off about 25 [Read More...]

Study Breaks for Pastors: Yes!

I had lunch Wednesday with a former student from TEDS and now a thriving pastor in Ann Arbor, Ken White. Ken was one of those students who had the gifts to be either a pastor or a professor, and I’m glad he chose the former. He has been in the area for a week studying [Read More...]

The Evangelical Giveaway 6

David Fitch’s The Great Giveaway turns in chp 5 to the “Preaching of the Word” and he sub-titles his chp “the myth of expository preaching.” What do you see as the primary function of preaching? To be an exposition of the biblical text itself in a verse-by-verse fashion (or close to that) so that each [Read More...]

Ever hear Steve McCoy preach?

We happened upon Steve McCoy’s church on a Sunday morning, came in late, they ushered me to the back pew, and I took in the sermon – Actually, post-turkey nap at my son’s house. [Read more...]

Nice sermon

Yesterday we were at Zion Covenant in Jamestown, NY. Brad Bergfalk, the pastor, gave what was for me a memorable sermon on the classic text from Exodus 17 on Moses raising his arms while Israel battled. His points are worth thinking about for the week: [Read more...]

Pastoral Life: Ministers of the gospel 5

In this final post on how Paul understands the ministry of the gospel in Colossians 1:24-29, we want to look at the goal and source of this ministry. Again, this is not about what pastors do or professional evangelists, but indirectly what each person is summoned to be and do — anyone, in other words, [Read More...]