Expectations of the Elders

From Thom Rainer: An experiment I tried several years ago, though, might prove instructive. When I was a pastor in St. Petersburg, Florida, I gave a survey to the twelve deacons in the church (I jokingly said we had eleven good deacons and one Judas!). I listed several congregational responsibilities and asked them to share [Read More...]

Man of God Syndrome

By Steve Hill: Thank you Steve Hill. What are two marks of this man-of-God syndrome? What does this have to do with the man-of-God syndrome? Everything. A “syndrome” is a group of symptoms that characterize a particular abnormality. The man-of-God syndrome describes people who “think more highly than they ought” of their positions in the [Read More...]

Pastors and their Sermon Prep Time

Source Here is something to consider before you rehash and mash up the pastor’s sermon today. It’s not easy speaking to the same audience, week after week, finding new angles, trying to be faithful to the texts and knowing that many already know what’s in the text… Here are the results of the poll by [Read More...]

Preaching is Love

From John Frye, our weekly From the Shepherd’s Nook column. Jesus Creed Preaching If I may pull an image from the Bible and use it, I think many pastors try to preach in Saul’s armor. Saul believed that young David needed some kingly protection and David wisely refused it. David had unknown skills, shaped in [Read More...]

The Map of the Soul

This is John Frye’s weekly column, From the Shepherd’s Nook. Preaching: The Map of the Soul  In Working the Angles: The Shape of Pastoral Integrity, Eugene H. Peterson tells Herman Melville’s story of Dr. Cuticle. On a large sailing ship at sea, Dr. Cuticle is the ship’s only surgeon. Disappointed that the most medical attention [Read More...]

Why Preach?

From the Shepherd’s Nook, a weekly column from pastor John Frye One rumor in pastoral land is that preaching does not foster Christian formation. Since Christian formation is vital, then as the rumor has it, the preacher is not. If by the rumor it means that preaching in itself does not produce full-blown Christian formation, [Read More...]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

Pastors Preach, by John Frye My own vision of pastoral ministry in the North American context has been profoundly influenced by the person and writings of Eugene H. Peterson. Consider me a Petersonian in my view of the pastor and his or her place in the local church (see, e.g., Jesus Creed archives). I’ve heard [Read More...]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: Preaching as Encounter

By John Frye. We should not be surprised how the soterian gospel has reshaped USAmerican evangelical preaching in view of that gospel’s long run. Thousands of individuals, saved on the skimpiest of information shaped to elicit a punctiliar decision, filled the church as uninformed converts. The robust kingdom of God gospel announcement (kerygma) has been [Read More...]

From the Shepherd’s Nook (John Frye)

Word Craft, by John Frye Years ago I might have titled this post “Personal Precise Pastoral Ponderings on Preaching,” thinking, “That’s cool and catchy.” Those days are long gone. Scot McKnight suggested that I create some posts on the preparation for and ministry of preaching. I responded, “Scot, I have mixed feelings about the topic.” [Read More...]

On Preparing Sermons: Stott’s Wisdom

From Josh Harris, from John Stott (reduced for this site): Steps for Preparing a Sermon 1. Choose your text and meditate on it. – Read the text, re-read it, re-read it and read it again. 2. Ask questions of the text. – What does it mean? Or better yet, what did it mean when first [Read More...]