Preaching Better — Practice and Exercises

Those of us who get to preach have probably taken some classes on preaching, and read some books, and some of us have attended preaching conferences where we can talk to other preachers and hone the art. I have preacher friends who go over one another’s sermons as a group and others who prepare sermons [Read More…]

How to Keep Your Preaching Fresh

From my friend Allan Bevere: I taught a Doctor of Ministry intensive last week on leadership in the 21st century at Ashland Theological Seminary. I had ten thoughtful students. One of them asked me on break, “How do you keep your preaching fresh year after year after serving thirty years in ministry?” I spent a little time [Read More…]

Phillip Jensen on Teaching what?

And I totally agree: A simple test of a good teacher is to ask what they teach.  If their answer is Maths, English, Science, History or Geography, they probably don’t understand their role. If they say students, pupils, young people, or adults, there is a possibility that they know their trade. Of course, such a [Read More…]

Introducing Jonathan Storment

As many of you Jesus Creed blog readers know, this blog focuses on Jesus, Bible, churches and ministry. I embrace the breadth of God’s church and I don’t believe any one church has it all locked up … so I work at getting other voices to this little table of mine. Now a revelation: I [Read More…]

A Reader Asks

This letter is from a reader and concerns preaching a series. What do you think? What’s your advice? My question is in regards to preaching series vs. church calendar vs. preaching through whole books. We come from [the kind of preaching] background [where] the most well-known of those churches often preach through catchy, well-crafted series. [Read More…]

Sermons and their Sources

I once was in a situation when a pastor admitted to me that he often re-preached sermons from sermon sources, and he also said he hadn’t thought there was anything wrong with it. What most confused me about the situation was that he was using illustrations from other preachers in the first person — and [Read More…]

Pastors Talking Preaching (by Jonathan Storment)

Last week I was in Dallas at Highland Oaks Church of Christ to speak about Paul the Preaching Pastor. One session I wish I could have attended was a bundle of pastors talking about preaching, and Jonathan Storment, at Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, and a friend of mine and a very good preacher, [Read More…]

One Pastor per Church?

Most any reading of the earliest period of the followers of Jesus, say from 30-50 AD, reveals a more charismatic ordering of a local church. Most any reading of the 3d Century church reveals what many call a Monarchial bishopric, where we have an authoritative teacher “ruling” the local church. How did this happen? Everett [Read More…]

What Pastors Like about their Jobs

From Thom Rainer: So I took to the Twitterverse again with my poll question asking pastors what they like most about their work. Here are their top ten responses. Seeing lives transformed.   Preaching. Frankly, I expected this response to be number one, but it was a distant second. Preaching is very important to these pastors, [Read More…]

Stories or Anecdotes

A good point of discussion from Jonathan Fitzgerald: What are the distinguishing features of the story vs. the anecdote? Storytelling is a central element of the Christian faith. From the story that unfolds over the thousands of years recorded in the Old and New Testaments, to Jesus’ use of parables, to the common practice of [Read More…]