Pastors and Weddings: by PW

Our friend, PW, writes posts for the Jesus Creed blog on what it is like to be a pastor’s spouse (in her case a “wife” — hence, PW). This one is about weddings, and I’d love to hear some pastor stories about weddings. This recent YouTube video popularity sparked me to remember all the weddings [Read More…]

Paying the Parson: by PW

Our weekly contribution from “PW” about life as a minister’s spouse. Historically, protestant ministry families have been paid in various ways for the work the pastor does in the local parish. Two to three centuries ago, some ministry families were paid once a year after the harvest. Some parsons were paid in chickens or produce. [Read More…]

Confidentiality and the Ministry Spouse: by PW

One of our constant readers and commenters is “PW”, who is helping us think about the issues surrounding the spouse of a minister — not always a female, we add. Do you tell your spouse everything? What do you keep back? What rules do you use? Now on to PW: This has happened more than [Read More…]

Role and Relationship: by PW

I wonder about this myself quite often: Do pastors struggle dropping their “role” as pastor when they come home? When they are talking to their children and neighbors and spouse? Are pastors, as it were, always “wearing the collar”? Did you have a pastor for a parent? Here’s a brief note on this by our [Read More…]

Changing Locations: by PW

This is an ongoing series by a pastor’s spouse about pastoral life from that angle. In this post we are asked to converse about the implications of pastoral geographical relocations. By PW: How have ministry relocations affected your ministry “home base”? Has this affected your family adversely? Or has it enriched your family’s experiences? How [Read More…]

To whom can they go? (by PW)

This is a series by a pastor’s wife (spouse) who cares deeply about the particular struggle that many pastor’s spouses feel and experience. His her reflection from a recent pastor’s wives retreat. I was with a number of pastors wives on a retreat recently. I realized there are some serious issues PWs can’t discuss (sorry [Read More…]

Behind the Scenes (PW)

We begin today a new series. For now, we are calling it “Behind the Scenes.” We will have all kinds of discussions about this topic (below) and I won’t give any more away so here goes … a new series … and one I think will make a difference in the Church. There are a [Read More…]