The Return of the Pharisees 3

In this post we look at the Pharisees and Jesus. Our goal here is not to provide an exhaustive listing of everything, but to list some highlights of what Jesus says about the Pharisees. Tomorrow’s post will examine what the word “hypocrite” means, and then on Tuesday we will look at some suggestions on how [Read More…]

The Return of the Pharisees 2

In this post we want to look at what Josephus, a 1st Century AD Jewish chronicler, has to say about the Pharisees. Josephus takes two pictures of the Pharisees, one in Bellum Judaicum (=BJ) book 2 (162-4) and one in Jewish Antiquities (=Ant), book 18 (12-15). I’ll limit my comments here, and the goal is [Read More…]

The Return of the Pharisees

In this first post on the Pharisees, I wish to remind us of what we have learned about the Pharisees and I wish to get us to thinking about the potential danger of our rhetoric about them. Before I go to the Gospels (and Josephus) to summarize what the Pharisees are all about, let me [Read More…]