Lord’s Prayer as Pattern Prayer

Andii Bowsher has recently written a book that might be of some use to you, especially if you’d like to combine structure with spontaneity in your prayer life. His book is called Praying the Pattern, and there is a website at Abbeynous that encourages discussion of the book. [Read more...]

Prayer for the Week

The BCP does not have a Father’s Day Prayer. So, our prayer this week is the Collect for this week. Lord, make me have perpetual love and reverence for your holy Name, for you never fail to help and govern those whom you have set upon the sure foundation of your loving-kindness; through Jesus Christ [Read More...]

Prayer for the Week

From the BCP as printed this week in Phyillis Tickle, The Divine Hours. We need to pray more for the Church. Keep, O Lord, your household the Church in your steadfast faith and love, that through your grace each of us may proclaim your truth with boldness, and minister your justice with compassion; for the [Read More...]

Prayer for the Week

Grant, O Lord, that the course of this world may be peaceably governed by your providence; and that your Church may joyfully serve you in confidence and serenity; through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. (BCP, as found in The [Read More...]

Sunday Night Prayers

Here is Compline prayer from the Celtic tradition: Sunday – The Ita Compline: Ita, who died in about 570, was abbess of a women’s community in Killeedy, County Limerick in Ireland. She ran a school for boys where she taught: [Read more...]

Paul’s Prayers for Rome

Paul yearns to get to Rome — probably because he knew how important Rome was. His yearning manifests itself in his unceasing, constant prayers for the church at Rome. [Read more...]

Prayer for the Week

Again, from The Book of Common Prayer as found in Phyllis Tickle, Dvine Hours, but adjusted to “we/us”: Almighty and merciful God, in your goodness keep us, we pray, from all things that may hurt us, that we, being ready both in mind and body, may accomplish with a free heart those things which belong [Read More...]

A Prayer of Dedication

What a marvelous prayer from The Book of Common Prayer. The sort of prayer I hope Praying with the Church can lead us into. As always, read slowly and aloud and it takes us into God’s presence: [Read more...]

Praying with the Church Arriving

As some of you may know, my publisher (Paraclete) went over the top by giving away 50 copies of my new book Praying with the Church. We blogged the offer some time back. Kris and I now call this book the “Candle Book.” I’ve already heard from some of you about the book so I [Read More...]

Praying while Sailing

About prayer, from The American Scholar: Dressed and came on deck — the morning was brilliant. I amused myself with finding the lessons and collects and psalms for the whole ship’s company. After lunch, they spread our tent, a chair was placed for my father, and a little bell being rung, we collected in our [Read More...]