Heaven Promise Livestream Event

  Missed Scot’s LIVE Q&A on The Heaven Promise? Not to worry…you can watch it on demand right here! Who goes to heaven? What to make of all those “heaven and back” books? What about rewards in heaven? Watch the on demand version of Scot’s Livestream from October 14th, 2015 right here. And use the [Read More…]

Wise Words (from a long time ago)

St Augustine thought plenty about science and faith, and Mark Noll’s contention that we need to transcend what he calls “univocal metaphysics, harmonization, and natural theology” lead him to contend that we ought to learn to think about the science faith challenge from the angle of christology, in particular, the humanity and deity of Christ. Noll’s [Read More…]

Bethel College Tightens Creation Statement

Someone I know, Jim Stump, a fellow BioLogos participant, a fine teacher and Christian and thinker, has resigned at Bethel College (IN) because of Bethel’s revision of its statement on human origins. From Christian Post by Ruth Gledhill: A prominent evangelical philosophy professor has resigned from the Christian Bethel College in Indiana after it espoused [Read More…]

This is Why We Need Christians Engaged in Science! (RJS)

Ed Stetzer had an interesting post on his blog last week –  3 reasons for Christians to Engage in Science. This post is a reprint of an essay he wrote for a small booklet recently released by the National Association of Evangelicals: When God and Science Meet and available for free download.  The booklet includes [Read More…]

Adam: Literal, Historical, or Archetypal?

An interview with John Walton, author of the new The Lost World of Adam and Eve. What made you dive into the discussions (and controversies) surrounding Adam and Eve and Genesis 2-3?  John H. Walton: I have always been interested in Genesis, in ancient Near Eastern backgrounds, and in issues of science and the Bible, so [Read More…]

The Lost World of Adam and Eve

John Walton’s on a roll — another in the Lost series, this one called The Lost World of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2–3 and the Human Origins Debate. I will do just a brief sketch-kind of post on the book and RJS will do a more in-depth series. Walton, professor at Wheaton College, wrote a book [Read More…]

Darwin’s Doubt and Intelligent Design (RJS)

A couple of years ago Stephen C. Meyer published Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design as a continuation of the argument he began in Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design.  I’ve read Signature in the Cell, and we discussed it in a [Read More…]

Intelligent Design and Thomas Nagel

From the CS Lewis Society, where you can read the full article: Prof. Thomas Nagel has published an important essay entitled, “Public Education and Intelligent Design”, in the Wiley InterScience Journal Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 36, issue 2, on-line at < http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/118493933/home>  His paper is a significant because it encourages all intelligent, educated, informed individuals to consider [Read More…]

How Science Works — Objecting to Evolution

How does science really work? Is it a game played behind closed doors by a special clan of credentialed folks who have created a society in which no one can criticize their central ideas? Or is it a game played on the open market for all to see? That is the question Denis Alexander is [Read More…]

An Exciting Opportunity! (RJS)

Are you interested in questions of science and Christian faith? Perhaps not quite sure what to think? Want to enter into a conversation and learn some more? On this blog we’ve been carrying on a conversation about the relationship between science and Christian  faith for many years. The conversation has wandered over a wide range [Read More…]