Bethel College Tightens Creation Statement

Someone I know, Jim Stump, a fellow BioLogos participant, a fine teacher and Christian and thinker, has resigned at Bethel College (IN) because of Bethel’s revision of its statement on human origins. From Christian Post by Ruth Gledhill: A prominent evangelical philosophy professor has resigned from the Christian Bethel College in Indiana after it espoused [Read More...]

This is Why We Need Christians Engaged in Science! (RJS)

Ed Stetzer had an interesting post on his blog last week -  3 reasons for Christians to Engage in Science. This post is a reprint of an essay he wrote for a small booklet recently released by the National Association of Evangelicals: When God and Science Meet and available for free download.  The booklet includes [Read More...]

Adam: Literal, Historical, or Archetypal?

An interview with John Walton, author of the new The Lost World of Adam and Eve. What made you dive into the discussions (and controversies) surrounding Adam and Eve and Genesis 2-3?  John H. Walton: I have always been interested in Genesis, in ancient Near Eastern backgrounds, and in issues of science and the Bible, so [Read More...]

The Lost World of Adam and Eve

John Walton’s on a roll — another in the Lost series, this one called The Lost World of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2–3 and the Human Origins Debate. I will do just a brief sketch-kind of post on the book and RJS will do a more in-depth series. Walton, professor at Wheaton College, wrote a book [Read More...]

Darwin’s Doubt and Intelligent Design (RJS)

A couple of years ago Stephen C. Meyer published Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design as a continuation of the argument he began in Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design.  I’ve read Signature in the Cell, and we discussed it in a [Read More...]

Intelligent Design and Thomas Nagel

From the CS Lewis Society, where you can read the full article: Prof. Thomas Nagel has published an important essay entitled, “Public Education and Intelligent Design”, in the Wiley InterScience Journal Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 36, issue 2, on-line at <>  His paper is a significant because it encourages all intelligent, educated, informed individuals to consider [Read More...]

How Science Works — Objecting to Evolution

How does science really work? Is it a game played behind closed doors by a special clan of credentialed folks who have created a society in which no one can criticize their central ideas? Or is it a game played on the open market for all to see? That is the question Denis Alexander is [Read More...]

An Exciting Opportunity! (RJS)

Are you interested in questions of science and Christian faith? Perhaps not quite sure what to think? Want to enter into a conversation and learn some more? On this blog we’ve been carrying on a conversation about the relationship between science and Christian  faith for many years. The conversation has wandered over a wide range [Read More...]

A Threshold Issue in Evolutionary Theory

Perhaps you were taught what I was taught. There is such a process called microevolution but there is no such process called macroevolution. That is, within a species there is variation and change but there is no evolution of one species to another. I learned this — or something like it. A threshold issue in evolutionary theory is speciation. That [Read More...]

Understanding Evolution: In 24 Hours!

What does the word “evolution” actually mean? Does it mean a godless philosophy (for some, yes) or progress socially in the world (for some, yes). What does it mean in the scientific community? Denis Alexander, in Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?, answers this question in a lengthy, informed (and challenging for me) chapter [Read More...]