Is There Room in the Middle? (RJS)

Karl Giberson has an interesting article at The Daily Beast – What’s Driving America’s Evolution Divide?. A recent Gallup Poll reported a consistent increase in the number of people who hold that humans evolved, but God had no part in the process, a steady number who hold that humans did not evolve and a drop in [Read More...]

NT Wright, Science and Religion

A collection of his public presentations, N.T. Wright’s new Surprised by Scripture: Engaging Contemporary Issues, brings Wright’s well-known narratival reading of Scripture/Israel’s history/Israel’s Story to bear on a number of topics, including science, the historical Adam, a “scientific approach” to the resurrection, ordaining women … and that’s just the first four chapters! Yes, plenty to dig [Read More...]

The Endless Spiral of Faith and Action (RJS)

Most of the discussion of science and Christian faith focuses on the conflict or the supposed conflict between faith and science – the warfare narrative. We focus on naturalism and the threat this poses to the experience of God, on evolution and the peril this brings for the uniqueness of humans, on the age of [Read More...]

Does Science Disprove God? (RJS)

Amir D. Aczel argues that the answer is no. Science does not disprove God. A number of years ago I was browsing at a Barnes and Noble while my brother-in-law was off looking for something or other in particular. On one of the tables near the front of the store there was a book, God’s [Read More...]

And it Was Good … But Red in Tooth and Claw? (RJS)

One of the more common arguments against evolution is the requirement of death before the fall. Not just death as a fact, but death as a mechanism of creation.  It is often suggested that evolution is inconsistent with the notion of God as creator and creation as good. After all evolution relies on death and [Read More...]

Are Stage Props Necessary? (RJS)

The fourth and fifth chapters of Ronald E. Osborn’s new book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering look at the nature of science and the push for mechanisms capable of explaining the events related in Scripture. In the practice of science we look for explanatory mechanisms that make sense [Read More...]

Needless (Faith) Casualties (by John Frye)

Needless Casualties I am going to write about Tyler and Brenda, a son and his mother. I have heard for years that the creationism/evolution debate is putting many of our evangelical young people into a bind. Many young students from our churches head off to college and are presented with strong evidence for evolution. The [Read More...]

Is Evolution a Random Process? (RJS)

A question that comes up quite frequently in discussions of evolution and Christian faith deals with the apparently purposeless randomness of the evolutionary process.  One of the most famous images is the tape of time given by Stephen Jay Gould. Run the tape over and something entirely different will emerge.  From his 1994 article in Scientific [Read More...]

When the Faculty No Confidence Vote is this Clear, Listen

Professors are as difficult to herd as cats; they rise to their level of expertise by learning to think for themselves and to think critically, which they often do. Even about administration. When they begin to express their views it is not uncommon for lines to be drawn and the lack of consensus emerges. So, when [Read More...]

BioLogos Responds to Bryan College Decision

By Deborah Haarsma: We at BioLogos are saddened over recent events at Bryan College, where a controversy over the college’s Statement of Belief threatens division and strife between Christians. Bryan’s charter stipulates that the Statement of Belief may not be changed, but the Board of Trustees has produced a clarification of that statement and is requiring all faculty members to [Read More...]