Needless (Faith) Casualties (by John Frye)

Needless Casualties I am going to write about Tyler and Brenda, a son and his mother. I have heard for years that the creationism/evolution debate is putting many of our evangelical young people into a bind. Many young students from our churches head off to college and are presented with strong evidence for evolution. The [Read More...]

Is Evolution a Random Process? (RJS)

A question that comes up quite frequently in discussions of evolution and Christian faith deals with the apparently purposeless randomness of the evolutionary process.  One of the most famous images is the tape of time given by Stephen Jay Gould. Run the tape over and something entirely different will emerge.  From his 1994 article in Scientific [Read More...]

When the Faculty No Confidence Vote is this Clear, Listen

Professors are as difficult to herd as cats; they rise to their level of expertise by learning to think for themselves and to think critically, which they often do. Even about administration. When they begin to express their views it is not uncommon for lines to be drawn and the lack of consensus emerges. So, when [Read More...]

BioLogos Responds to Bryan College Decision

By Deborah Haarsma: We at BioLogos are saddened over recent events at Bryan College, where a controversy over the college’s Statement of Belief threatens division and strife between Christians. Bryan’s charter stipulates that the Statement of Belief may not be changed, but the Board of Trustees has produced a clarification of that statement and is requiring all faculty members to [Read More...]

No Interpretation Needed!? (RJS)

On Sunday Scot put up a short post highlighting a shift at Bryan College tightening the “acceptable” ranges of interpretation of the Genesis account. While most of the commenters on the post mourned the change that sentiment is certainly not universal. As one of the commenters put it: I am thankful that there are some [Read More...]

Death Before the Fall (RJS)

I recently received a copy of a new book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering by Ronald Osborn courtesy of the publisher (IVP). This is not your typical coffee table book, although the imagery with which Osborn starts, Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, would fit right in … aside that [Read More...]

The Benefit of a Spirit-Breathed Perspective (RJS)

In the third chapter of The Spirit in Creation and New Creation: Science and Theology in Western and Orthodox Realms Jeff Schloss, Professor of Biology at Westmont College in Santa Barbara CA, reflects on the role that Spirit played in creation (past) and plays in creation (present). Hovering Over Waters: Spirit and the Ordering of [Read More...]

What do we lose?, Jack asks us

Jack Levison, at HuffPo, asks what we lose when we become obsessed with the creation/evolution debate. No matter what side of the creation-evolution debate you are on, your partisanship costs you dearly. Why? Because it costs you the ability to read the Bible on its own terms. What do we lose by straightjacketing the Bible [Read More...]

Ham, Nye and BioLogos

BioLogos, yesterday, posted responses to the Nye-Ham debate about evolution and creation. Here is BioLogos President Deb Haarsma’s concluding response: While the debate pitted two extreme positions against one another, I was glad to hear references to other options. Bill Nye repeatedly pointed out that many religious people, including Christians, accept the evidence for evolution [Read More...]

Was It Wasted Time? (RJS)

My son celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday … quite the milestone. Wow! It has been a lifetime of development, growth, and learning. Life is always a process. To him the picture to the right was a lifetime ago, yet to me it seems like yesterday. This led me to think about a post I wrote [Read More...]