Evolution and Evangelicals … Reflections (RJS)

We began a discussion Tuesday on the real and perceived barriers to the acceptance of  an evolutionary mechanism of creation amongst evangelical theologians.  The basis for our discussion is a recent survey by Bruce Waltke (or here), an Old Testament scholar, author of a Genesis commentary and other books. The results of his survey are [Read More…]

Evolution and Evangelicals … What are the Barriers? (RJS)

This is a big question for many of us these days. What are the barriers to the acceptance of evolution amongst evangelicals? Can we (or should we) dismantle the “Great Wall” and overcome these barriers? Biologos has planned a working group symposium (exclusive and invitation only or I would have it on my calendar as [Read More…]

Bible and Authority Revisited 2 (RJS)

[We’ve added the captcha text because we were bombarded by a spammer Monday. We hope the captcha text will disappear with the spammer soon.] Last week I posted a question by a reader asking about categories of biblical literature and their “wooden historicity”. There was another aspect to the comment though, and another question well [Read More…]

Science, Worship, and Fasting (RJS)

This is the fourth in a series of posts looking at the implications of the fact that we are fully embodied beings created in the image of God.  We have body and soul – but these are not separable entities. (The third, on Science and Christian Virtue, contains links to the first two on Science [Read More…]

And Ardi was (maybe) Monogamous!

Did you see the new report about the piece in Science? Anyone read the article and have anything to add or say? Scientists in Ethiopia have found a 4.4 million year old human predecessor that promises to upend long-held notions of what the common ancestor of African apes and humans looked like, how it lived, [Read More…]

Bible and Authority Revisited (RJS)

A couple of weeks ago I had a brief post asking why the scientific theory of evolution was a challenge for faith, but a scientific theory explaining weather was not a problem. (See here for the post: God, Science, and Evolution (RJS)).  One of the comments on that post leads me to a new question [Read More…]

Science and Christian Virtue 1 (RJS)

Last week I posted on an article from Discover Magazine on the science of sin (Part One and Part Two). This article described a number of studies where the human brain was imaged as a function of external stimulus. These kinds of studies are in their infancy – so the results should be considered with [Read More…]

Science and Sin 2 (RJS)

“Why does being bad feel so good?” Studies of brain response to various situations may provide important insights to this question. In the last post in this series we considered some of the science pertaining to lust, gluttony, and  sloth as discussed in the article “Seven Deadly Sins” in the September 2009 issue of Discover [Read More…]

Science and Sin 1 (RJS)

While much of the furor over the conflict between science and faith centers on the question of origins and evolution – it is not limited to these questions alone. The sciences also impact our understanding of human behavior and human response and this can also lead to increased understanding or to conflict. The September 2009 [Read More…]

Evolution’s Place? 6 (RJS)

Chapter 11 of Simon Conway Morris’s book Life’s Solution: Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe is titled Toward a Theology of Evolution, and to this we now turn. Conway Morris suggests that the view – common among many educated westerners steeped in enlightenment ideals – that the world is ours for the taking, to be [Read More…]