NLCS Champs

Image Many of you know our son works for the Cubs as a professional scout (he’s Assistant Scouting Director), and he’s been talking about last night for five years. Theo Epstein’s plan was to take the Cubs down to the floor joists and rebuild on the basis of draft choices. Which they have done, most [Read More…]

Opening Day, Pitcher Myths

By Dirk Hayhurst Dirk Hayhurst is a retired major league pitcher, a national MLB correspondent and the author of “The Bullpen Gospels.” “Baseball is like church,” former major league infielder and manager Leo Durocher once said. “Many attend, few understand.” And pitching is one of the most lionized, misunderstood and mythologized aspects of the game, even [Read More…]

Super Bowl Binge

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Good News: NFL

Sarah Larimer: Here is a thing that Cade Pope, a 12-year-old from Oklahoma, said Tuesday about the power of hand-written letters: “It shows more expression and feelings, rather than typing it on a computer. And it explains a lot more if you actually write it, because you can actually tell what they are trying to [Read More…]

NFL and Dementia: Numbers

Forbes: Playing in the NFL brings fame, fortune …and a dramatically higher risk of suffering from serious brain diseases. Eye-catching NFL player data released for the first time on Friday suggests that nearly 30% of former NFL players will end up developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia across their lifetime, placing them at a significantly higher [Read More…]

Winter Olympics, 2022: A Problem

Source: The next Olympics to be awarded, a little more than a year from now, will be the 2022 Winter Games. Rather than going to the strongest bid, the games may end up going to the last city standing—a long list of potential hosts have given up on their Olympic dreams because the whole thing [Read More…]

Kentucky Athletes’ Student Profile

Brad Wolverton: Dallas — Every year around this time, a handful of elite freshmen declare their eligibility for the NBA draft. Kentucky, which is expected to start five freshmen in its national semifinal game on Saturday against Wisconsin, could have four or five players leave early. Over the past eight seasons, Kentucky has had 13 “one-and-done” players—more [Read More…]

Nate Silver on Baseball Popularity

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The Billion Dollar Bracket is Done

Source: Just 25 games into the NCAA tournament, the billion dollar bracket bubble has already burst. Going into the third wave of games on the second day of the NCAA tournament, only three perfect brackets remained in the Quicken Loans billion dollar bracket contest. And all three had George Washington beating Memphis. As Maurice Creek’s [Read More…]


Well, what do you think of the brackets? Who will the following Regionals? South Region: Florida, Kansas, UCLA, Syracuse? West Region: Arizona, San Diego State, Wisconsin, Creighton? Midwest Region: Wichita State, Lou-a-vul, Michigan, Duke East Region: Virginia, Michigan State, Villanova, Iowa State After the run last year with Florida Gulf Coast Eagles, who can ignore [Read More…]