A New Perspective Anglican Ponders a Presbyterian’s Luther

This is not an April Fools day post. It’s a post appreciating the greatness of Martin Luther, with whom I’ve had my own struggles. I, of course, love his accomplishment in the Protestant Reformation, wish more would be made on the part of many in seeing how political that movement actually was, think his posing [Read More...]

The Trinity (by Nature) is Freedom (Geoff Holsclaw)

Geoff Holsclaw is Affiliate Professor of Theology at Northern Seminary, and Director of their new Masters in Theology and Mission.  You can also follow Geoff on Twitter and Facebook. The Trinity (by Nature) Is Freedom Does God love us because God has to, or wants to? Is God free to love us? Or is God [Read More...]

Is “Trinity” Use-less? (Geoff Holsclaw)

By Geoff Holsclaw, pastor at Life on the Vine and colleague at Northern Seminary. Does the Trinity really matter to our regular lives?  And with this supposed “trinitarian revival” of the last 75 years, what are the options? Have things really changed? Or is it all useless? Well, Zondervan’s Two views on the Doctrine of [Read More...]

What’s the “Old” Perspective on Paul?

I’ve not seen the old perspective on soteriology, as framed mostly through one reading of Paul, expressed any better than in Carl Trueman’s sketch of Luther’s theology at work in the Heidelberg Disputation (slightly reformatted): To get a fuller view of the old perspective than is found in what is quoted below one has to bring [Read More...]

Is God Timeless?

Roger Olson, at the link here, opens up a good conversation on whether God is himself timeless: In my immediately preceding post I argued that far too much Christian theology includes unwarranted speculation—especially about God. Under pressure from Greek ontology traditional, “classical theism” has generally agreed that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the [Read More...]

Deconstructing the Bully God — NT Wright

Good God, bad God. That’s the problem with so much Christian theology. A bad view of God is destructive to the faith, to the church, and to the person. N.T. Wright, in Simply Good News, seeks to present how the Bible presents God and the first thing that has to be done to get this God [Read More...]

Connection and Reflection

One of the gifts of the Bible to the lot of every human being who has ever lived, who is living and who will ever live is that each is made in God’s image. The gift is on the table but unwrapping the gift to understand what it means is the challenge. John F. Kilner, Dignity [Read More...]

Speaking about God

What do we call God? Father, Son and Spirit? Trinity? God? The Blessed One? HaShem? This is the question R. Kendall Soulen asks in the first volume of his The Divine Name(s) and the Holy Trinity: Distinguishing the Voices. His is an attempt to speak into the debate about how Israel’s God (YHWH, the Tetragrammaton) morphed [Read More...]

The Eight Themes of Liberation Theology

What is liberation theology? It is fair to follow that up with What kind of liberation theology? It is also fair to ask When was liberation theology? Let’s begin with this: modernity created an all-encompassing narrative rooted in social and economic realities that buttressed those in power with structures and ideologies that kept power in [Read More...]

Christian Realism

Who is the most influential American theologian of the 20th Century? In some circles the name Charles Hodge (Princeton) or BB Warfield would immediately be mentioned, though Hodge is a 19th Century theologian with a 20th Century influence. Others might say Walter Rauschenbusch, but in his book The Journey of Modern Theology, Roger Olson probably gets it [Read More...]