A World with a Better Name

Those who are images of God are summoned to build a world with a better name, so says Brian Harris. This is the 5th of six building blocks in a Christian worldview — all expounded with clarity in The Big Picture: Building Blocks of a Christian World View. In other words, the Christian worldview entails [Read More…]

What Makes a Worldview Most Christian?

While many answers might be tossed on the table to answer this question, not least the cross and resurrection, Brian Harris, in his book The Big Picture: Building Blocks of a Christian World View, offers an approach to worldview that includes a topic that seems rarely put on the table but which just might be the [Read More…]

Elements in a Christian Worldview

It would be a good exercise for students in a classroom to ponder which thoughts are the most vital for comprehending how Christians think and understand the world that exists. What would your top five elements be? What are the building blocks of such a worldview? Yes, some don’t like the expression worldview, but many [Read More…]

Heaven Promise Livestream Event

  Missed Scot’s LIVE Q&A on The Heaven Promise? Not to worry…you can watch it on demand right here! Who goes to heaven? What to make of all those “heaven and back” books? What about rewards in heaven? Watch the on demand version of Scot’s Livestream from October 14th, 2015 right here. And use the [Read More…]

Building Blocks of a Christian Worldview

One of the least known and most insightful theologians and Christian leaders I have met is Brian Harris, at Vose Theological Seminary in Perth, Western Australia. He’s not only a delightful person and Christian, not only a President of a seminary, but he established a flourishing church that encompasses far more than the typical come-to-our-church [Read More…]

A New Perspective Anglican Ponders a Presbyterian’s Luther

This is not an April Fools day post. It’s a post appreciating the greatness of Martin Luther, with whom I’ve had my own struggles. I, of course, love his accomplishment in the Protestant Reformation, wish more would be made on the part of many in seeing how political that movement actually was, think his posing [Read More…]

The Trinity (by Nature) is Freedom (Geoff Holsclaw)

Geoff Holsclaw is Affiliate Professor of Theology at Northern Seminary, and Director of their new Masters in Theology and Mission.  You can also follow Geoff on Twitter and Facebook. The Trinity (by Nature) Is Freedom Does God love us because God has to, or wants to? Is God free to love us? Or is God [Read More…]

Is “Trinity” Use-less? (Geoff Holsclaw)

By Geoff Holsclaw, pastor at Life on the Vine and colleague at Northern Seminary. Does the Trinity really matter to our regular lives?  And with this supposed “trinitarian revival” of the last 75 years, what are the options? Have things really changed? Or is it all useless? Well, Zondervan’s Two views on the Doctrine of [Read More…]

What’s the “Old” Perspective on Paul?

I’ve not seen the old perspective on soteriology, as framed mostly through one reading of Paul, expressed any better than in Carl Trueman’s sketch of Luther’s theology at work in the Heidelberg Disputation (slightly reformatted): To get a fuller view of the old perspective than is found in what is quoted below one has to bring [Read More…]

Is God Timeless?

Roger Olson, at the link here, opens up a good conversation on whether God is himself timeless: In my immediately preceding post I argued that far too much Christian theology includes unwarranted speculation—especially about God. Under pressure from Greek ontology traditional, “classical theism” has generally agreed that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (the [Read More…]