Emerging and Orthodoxy

For many in the emerging movement there is a good reason to express the Christian faith by appealing to the creeds: that reason is ecumenical. By appealing to the creeds one is able to get way behind and well beyond fundamentalism and the sectarian tendencies of denominationalism. [Read more…]

The Case for Liberal Evangelicals 5

Environmentalism? Where do you stand? Are you green, dark green, light green, or something else? If your tendency is to move to another blog because this post is about something you are not interested in, well maybe you should hang out a while and read this. In R. Balmer’s Thy Kingdom Come, chp 5, he [Read More…]

Is the Reformation over? 5

Just in case you haven’t heard of it, in the early 1990s Richard John Neuhaus (editor of First Things) and Charles Colson (who needs no intro to most of you) began a fruitful dialogue that has led to four “Evangelical and Catholics Together” official dialogues. They addressed four topics: Christian mission, salvation, “your word is [Read More…]

Is the Reformation over? 4

Where do you find Roman Catholic theology? Now, before we go too far, let me make this point: Evangelicals tend to define themselves and therefore everyone else by their doctrinal statement. (This has given rise, in part, to the emerging church movement’s nervousness about doctrinal statements.) RCism is not defined by its theology, even if [Read More…]

Is the Reformation over? 3

Here’s the question I propose to you regarding Noll and Nystrom’s book, Is the Reformation Over?: How significant are ecumenical dialogues for (1) the RC Church as a whole and (2) for lay level understandings of the RC faith? Here’s another way of putting it: If the local Dean at St Mary of the Lake [Read More…]

Emergicana 1

Last Friday, after getting a phone call the day before from Spencer Burke to see if we could stop by his home on Newport Beach on our way down to San Diego, we found our way down a few busy LA freeways to Newport Beach. We spent about 4 hours with him hearing his vision [Read More…]

Is the Reformation over? 2

Noll and Nystrom, in their Is the Reformation Over?, chp 3, see the shifts that occurred in the 1950s to concern four, yea five, things: changes within the Catholic Church, in world Christianity, in American politics and society, in the exercise of personal agency, and within evangelicalism. A word about each. [Read more…]

Is the Reformation over? 1

A major shift is afoot. It is a substantial, however incomplete, rapprochement with Roman Catholicism on key issues. What issues? Justification? Yes. Really? Yes. And others? Yes, others too. What has happened in the theological world since the 1950s when it comes to Protestant and Roman Catholic theological understanding is nothing short of amazing to [Read More…]

Zealotry: A Danger

A personal e-mail yesterday from a blog reader, RJS, suggested another idea for this series on zealotry. What is the impact of a high fences or thick fences? That is, what happens when one is accustomed to dwell in the security and safety of a fence (what I’m calling a beyond the Bible immunity) and [Read More…]

Zealotry 5: How to avoid it

If I had an easy solution to the problem of zealotry, I wouldn’t need to write about it because an easy solution would create a situation were zealotry would not appear. The issues are complex, they involve human nature, and they involve the hopes of people. So, here are my suggestions, and I’m open to [Read More…]