Wheaton and Roman Catholics: Proposal

In a recent Books & Culture, Thomas Albert Howard weighs in on how evangelical colleges might prepare themselves for the likelihood that one or more of their (somtimes quite treasured) professors might convert to another of the Great Traditions of the Church. His proposal is suggestive. [Read more...]

The Gospel of Niggle 3

3.0 The Orthodoxy of Orthodoxy 3.1 Defining “Orthodoxy” Perhaps the best place to begin is with a two-line, inelegant poem I wrote some time ago when I was reading Dante: He who fashions the story, assigns to each a glory. [Read more...]

The Gospel of Niggle 2

2.0 The Orthodoxy of Heresy Ehrman, who relentlessly tries to unveil the truth about earliest Christianity in order to demonstrate that it was a suppressive machine of power-mongers, commits the very sin he castigates. If the “sin” of the proto-orthodoxy is suppression and intolerance, he aligns himself with their method for he never engages the [Read More...]

The Gospel of Niggle 1

I gave this paper sometime ago, but it pertains to The DaVinci Code movie. What I do is deal witih the proposals of heresy and orthodoxy behind the book, and the two major proponents of these theories today: Elaine Pagels and Bart Ehrman. It is a bit hard-hitting at times, but I think it is [Read More...]

What’s a “heretic” anyway?

From time to time I read a blog or hear someone call another person a “heretic.” Recently a blogfriend asked me how I would define “heretic” or “heresy.” I’ve been asked this about two people, and I won’t use names but it wouldn’t be hard to figure out about whom it was asked. How do [Read More...]

Is the Reformation over?

A purple theology believes that to one degree or another the Reformation is over. By that it means that the Reformation’s summons of the Church to return to the Bible (sola scriptura) and to faith as the sole means of justification (sola fide) and to grace alone as that which saves us (sola gratia) has [Read More...]

Humility and How to Get it

A former student called and asked me about humility. Which in itself surprised me because I don’t think he called me because he thought I was particularly humble. Its lack in my life, however, didn’t stop me from ruminating with him about it. How, he was asking, do we get humility? [Read more...]

Anti-Semitism and Atonement

I’ve not read it put any better than this when it comes to how Jews respond to the cross and how Christians depict it: “There is a glaring contradiction between a theological tradition [of anti-Semitism] which sets the cross against Israel and uses it to justify setting the Christian community against Israel when the event [Read More...]

Jesus and Homosexuality: The End

Let me suggest at this point that there are five elements in moral decisions, and each interacts with one another rather than being a simplistic conveyor belt series of elements. Some will give more emphasis to one than another; some will seek to reduce it all to “what the Bible says” but we are learning [Read More...]

Jesus and Homosexuality 9

Rock-bottom motivations for moral decisions tend to revolve around these views. First, altruism: I help my neighbor, regardless of what I think of the person, because helping others is a good. Second, the alternative to altruism is ethical egoism: I help my neighbor because it makes me feel good or somehow will help me down [Read More...]