Jesus and Homosexuality 1

Life is not law. For Jesus at least. The place to begin a constructive understanding of how Christians should relate to persons with same-sex orientation and think about homosexuality is with Jesus’ practice of table fellowship. Why? Because it represents how life is encountered, of how a first century person would have come to understand [Read More...]

Context: Defining homosexuality 2

This is our second post on defining homosexuality. One of the issues that we have to face is how we think about same-sex orientation and choice. Is same-sex orientation a choice or not? My own view of the matter is that our sexual orientation is not really a choice in so many terms. I know [Read More...]

Context: Defining homosexuality 1

Because of the heated emotions that rise to the surface even in genuine discussions of this topic, I want to begin by saying that in many ways I’m struggling both to discuss homosexuality on a blog and I continue to learn what Christians ought to think and believe and do. Part of the context of [Read More...]

Homosexuality: Context 3 and 4

In any discussion of homosexuality we need to set what the Bible says in context. Those statements come from contexts about covenant behaviors and sexuality in general, and the also come in the context of understanding what it means to be a “cracked Eikon” (sin) and just which biblical passages we choose to bring to [Read More...]

Homosexuality: Context 1 and 2

Besides the hideous treatment that many Christians inflict upon those who openly express their homosexuality — which I simply cannot understand and which I cannot tolerate as Christian behavior, perhaps the next “baddest” thing is that Christians treat the Bible as if it were a law book on moral behavior. So this post examines the [Read More...]

Making Moral Decisions: Homosexuality

I watched some of Larry King’s program tonight, and observed the discussion between the straight seminary president, the gay movie star and the gay (former) mayor in Wyoming. What struck me most was the way each made moral judgments and decisions — the seminary president by appeal to the Bible, and the movie star and [Read More...]

On the Sign of the Cross

Do you ever make the sign of the Cross on yourself? I do. Roman Catholics have always done this, and so also have the Orthodox. But, (esp. evangelical) Protestants have not done this almost entirely because it would be an act that would put them in liminality — a state of in-between: if they did [Read More...]

On Reading the Bible with our Ears

Why do we read the Bible? I’ll venture to guess here. Our tendency is to go to the Bible for something new, to read it in the hope and expectation of a fresh discovery of something we did not know or had not heard or had completely forgotten. As a professor who teaches the Bible, [Read More...]

The Death Penalty and Purple Theology

Tookie Williams was executed last night, at the stroke of midnight. I do not know enough of the facts to judge whether or not California was just, nor do I want to comment on the Tookie Williams case. My view is that the death penalty is just, especially in American jurisprudence, but Christians should oppose [Read More...]

How to Talk to an Evangelical (If I May)

My post, Seven Habits of Successful Emerging Discussions, generated enough suggestions that I thought it would be good to post today on how Emerging Movement folk (EMers) might better converse with evangelicals. Just as I don’t assume to speak for all EMers, neither do I speak for all evangelicals. I apologize for the length, but [Read More...]