Sacred Space

I am standing at the pillar that was chipped away so a platform could be built on which Thomas Cranmer was sentenced to death under Mary (Bloody Mary), and behind me is the pulpit where C.S. Lewis delivered his famous sermon, “The Weight of Glory.” The church is the University Church, St Mary of the [Read More...]

I Love the Bible: Z

Psalm 119:49 is the kind of hope we find in all those who long for redemption, who long for God to make God’s glory present, and who yearn for justice. In fact, people like Mary and Simeon and Anna — from Luke’s first two chps — are the kind for whom this prayer is so characteristic. [Read More...]

One of My Favorite Cubs Pitchers: Mike Krukow

Source: Mike Krukow says the worst part is falling down. “There is nothing more humiliating than falling in front of people,” says the longtime Giants broadcaster. “The biggest, most stressful thing is thinking about being on the field and falling in front of 40,000 people.” It seems unbelievable. The former pitcher spent 14 seasons in the big [Read More...]

The Author of Life (RJS)

I had the privilege of being in Oxford last week (UK! not OH or MS). The picture to the right was taken from the top of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. You can click on the image for a larger version. I’d never been to Oxford before and the town and University [Read More...]

I Love the Bible: W

God’s manifold mercy, God’s lovingkindness that embraces us in our manifold needs, is the hope of the psalmist in the next section (waw-section; 119:41-48). His prayer: “May your steadfast love reach me.” That lovingkindness is understood here as “deliverance” (v. 41b), and that deliverance is understood as “an answer for those who taunt me” (v. [Read More...]

Incomparable Shirt

Love it! [Read more...]

Tullian and American Evangelicalism’s Biggest Challenge

Source: (Straight from the heart of James Kennedy’s turf.) Over the last 30 years, the Religious Right has replaced Christianity’s foremost message of the Gospel with that of a political movement, argued the current pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. “We’re well known for saying things, ‘We exist to reclaim America for Jesus,’ and stuff [Read More...]

The Church in the Middle East Dwindles

An increase in persecution: In one city, the population of Christians has gone from 100,000 to about 200. (Reuters) – Islamist insurgents have issued an ultimatum to northern Iraq’s dwindling Christian population to either convert to Islam, pay a religious levy or face death, according to a statement distributed in the militant-controlled city of Mosul. [Read More...]

But Did Jesus Really Mean It? (John Frye)

Love Your Enemies “To love enemies breaks through the self barrier into divine space,” writes Scot McKnight in his SGBC: Sermon on the Mount (144). We have come to the last pericope in Matthew 5: verses 43-48 titled in the NIV “Love for Enemies.” Jesus steps into the “love your neighbor/hate your enemy” Jewish world [Read More...]

I Love the Bible: He

The “he” section of Psalm 119 (vv. 33-40) notably puts the psalmist in the posture of learning. The verbs are so clear in this psalm: Teach me (v. 33) Give me understanding (v. 34) Direct me (v. 35) Turn my heart (v. 36) Turn my eyes (v. 37) Like the posture of Mary before Jesus, who sat [Read More...]