The Zealot’s Way (by John Frye)

The Zealot’s Way Some medications come in a gel capsule. The advantage is that the medicine inside is released into the body gradually. This is important if the medicine is very potent. “Time released capsules” is the mantra. Truth is very potent and sometimes quite hard to take. The gel capsule of truth is love. [Read More...]

It’s About God and God’s Kingdom (RJS)

The second essay in N. T. Wright’s book Surprised by Scripture addresses the question Do We Need a Historical Adam?  Wright accepts a historical Adam and Eve as a representative pair chosen by God, much as God later chose Abraham and Israel.  The need for a historical Adam is much the same as the need [Read More...]

Andy Stanley’s Temple Model

Amy Jacobs: For the past few weeks, [Andy] Stanley has been exhorting Christians to ditch their traditional “temple model” ways and go back to the one command Jesus prioritized — to love your neighbor as yourself. The “temple model,” as defined by Stanley, “grants extraordinary power to sacred men in sacred places who determine the [Read More...]

A Christian Kind of Call to Action (by Jonathan Storment)

Like many of you I’ve had a dull ache in the pit of my stomach since last week’s video was released of ISIS beheading 21 Coptic Christians as a symbolic way of spreading terror. I’ve spent some time in Egypt with Coptic Christians before and wrote some last week about my experiences with them and [Read More...]

Afterlife and Hope in the Old Testament (RJS)

Any discussion of Christian hope must look carefully at Scripture, both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  The next section of John Polkinghorne’s book The God of Hope and the End of the World turns to Scripture beginning with the Old Testament and the views of life, death, hope, and the hereafter expressed in [Read More...]

Rural Churches in England

Ysenda Maxtone Graham: Excellent read about the struggle to keep rural English churches on their feet. Some of the longest job descriptions belong to rural Church of England clergy. ‘So what do you do?’ ‘I’m the Rector of Aldwincle, Clopton, Pilton, Stoke Doyle, Thorpe Achurch, Titchmarsh and Wadenhoe.’ Every one of these place names evokes [Read More...]

Spurgeon’s Sorrows, by Zack Eswine

An interview by David G. Moore. I first encountered Zack Eswine’s work while reading his terrific article, “Listening for the Sound of Reality: The Melancholy of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Haddon Spurgeon.“  Years later, I read his wonderful book, Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being.  I don’t like the title much because [Read More...]

Unsilencing Women of Color (Mariam Youssef)

From Arise, by Mariam Youssef is a community organizer for gender justice in Coptic-American communities. She is currently a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University in women’s studies in religion. Mariam also serves as the vice president of the Southern California chapter of The Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black, an organization that focuses on social [Read More...]

Peter Bergen is Right

CNN, by Peter Bergen: Already a predictable tsunami of nonsense has washed over us about the “root causes” of terrorism. We have heard from Obama administration officials and even the President himself that terrorism has something to do with lack of opportunities and poverty. Obama said on Wednesday that “we have to address grievances terrorists exploit, including [Read More...]

Apprentice Experience

The Apprentice Experience Dallas Willard and Richard Foster opened the door for more Christians to explore the deep teachings of Christian spirituality in the great traditions of the church. Many of us have walked through that door and are discovering new insights for spiritual formation. One of the more profound insights for me is an [Read More...]