Weekly Meanderings, 30 April 2016

You believe in spanking? Julie Beck: Around the world, an average of 60 percent of children receive some kind of physical punishment, according to UNICEF. And the most common form is spanking. In the United States, most people still see spanking as acceptable, though FiveThirtyEight reports that the percentage of people who approve of spanking [Read More…]

Sermon-makers are Person-makers

Sermon-makers as Person-makers, by John Frye I have a 1961 paperback edition of A Treasury of Prayer by E. M. Bounds that I now keep together with rubber bands. Like A. W. Tozer’s writings, there is a depth to this little compendium on prayer that I had no category to appreciate as a young believer [Read More…]

The Flood (RJS)

Although we think about the flood as a staple Sunday school tale, it is rather gruesome. We have not a cute progression of animals trekking to safety two by two, but a tale of utter destruction – of the undoing of creation as related in Genesis 1-5.  Who would put a picture like the one [Read More…]

Resisting the Powers

One of the most stimulating developments in NT studies is the arise of scholarship that argues there is a (mostly implicit) subversion of the powers, and those powers are centralized in Rome — and hence many have discovered that the NT is loaded with anti-imperial criticism. Some of us have said the rise of this conclusion [Read More…]

Household Liturgies (by Jonathan Storment)

By Jonathan Storment For the past few weeks, I have been blogging through James K.A. Smith’s great little book “You Are What You Love” and today I want to focus on one of the most moving chapters for me personally. The big idea behind Smith’s book is from Augustine, that we are what we love, [Read More…]

The Genes Agree – The Answer Is No (RJS)

No, evolution isn’t a theory in trouble. There is ample evidence for common descent and evolution by natural selection. The last posts on Robert Asher’s book Evolution and Belief: Confessions of a Religious Paleontologist considered fossil evidence for evolution. Dr. Asher is a specialist in mammalian evolution as evidenced in the fossil record, Curator of [Read More…]

What Women and Men Want: Comparison over Decades

Source [Read more…]

The Silence of Complementarians on Slavery

Kevin Giles, an Australian, has served as an Anglican parish minister for over forty years. He has been publishing on the substantial equality of the sexes since 1975 and is a foundation member of CBE International. He holds a doctorate in New Testament studies and has published books on the church, church health, ministry in [Read More…]

DeYoung’s 9Marks of Complementarianism

Recently, Kevin DeYoung, a pastor, author and leader in The Gospel Coalition, posted at TGC’s site on the 9 marks of healthy biblical complementarianism, and today I will respond to his points in italics  — left in their original context and you can go to the link to see the original post and the comments there. [Read More…]

Harriet Tubman!

AP: WASHINGTON (AP) — Harriet Tubman, an African-American abolitionist who was born a slave, will stand with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin as among the iconic faces of U.S. currency. The $20 bill will be redesigned with Tubman’s portrait on the front, marking two historic milestones, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced Wednesday. She [Read More…]