Purpose Matters! (RJS)

There is a purpose to the universe and this purpose matters. The final case study in David N. Livingstone’s fascinating new book Dealing with Darwin: Place, Politics, and Rhetoric in Religious Engagements with Evolution, looks at the approaches to evolutionary theories at Princeton – both the college and the seminary. Most of the professors at [Read More...]

Lord’s Supper: Who is Unworthy? (Jeff Cook)

Who is Unworthy to Celebrate in Church? (by Jeff Cook) I went to a large wedding a few years back in which the clergy invited only those who had jumped through the right hoops to come forward and receive the body and blood of Jesus. The leader then asked those of us who had not [Read More...]

Generosity Illustrated

Source: Don’t you love these kinds of stories?! There exists, somewhere within the general vicinity of Bellingham, Mass., a layaway hero. This was proven earlier this week, when customers at a Toys R Us learned that a woman — whose identity is not yet known — walked in and paid off the entire layaway balance [Read More...]

The Hairy Mole in the Manger (Jason Micheli)

By Jason Micheli www.tamedcynic.org ‘God was in Jesus reconciling the world to himself…’ The Hairy Mole in the Manger So I’ve got this mole, right here on my shoulder. It’s not gross or anything. It’s just large and discolored and has a few hairs growing out of it. ‘Suspicious’ my former pre-med Mrs calls it, [Read More...]

Advent Story

Great story: A 47-year-old woman was caught stealing eggs in Tarrant, Ala., over the weekend. But instead of arresting Helen Johnson, police officer William Stacy bought her a carton of eggs in exchange for a promise never to shoplift again. That wasn’t the end of it. The story garnered so much attention, that offers of [Read More...]

Fred Sanders on John Wesley and Arminianism

Fred Sanders is a theologian who teaches in the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University.  Fred’s twitter handle is @fredfredsanders.   His personal web site is www.fredfredfred.com, and he blogs at www.scriptoriumdaily.com.  He is the author of Wesley on the Christian Life. The following interview is conducted by David George Moore.  Dave blogs at www.twocities.org. Moore: [Read More...]

Kennewick Man

Simon Worrall: Physical anthropologists use the term osteobiography, meaning “biography of the bones.” Who was Kennewick Man? Where and how did he live and die? Kennewick Man is not what I’d have expected before we began the analysis and before I’d seen him. He was found on the banks of theColumbia River in 1996. He’s about [Read More...]

Rwanda and Redeemer

Victoria Albanese, from Church of the Redeemer: Most of the students at Sonrise School who lost one or both parents during the horrific Rwandan genocide claiming over one million lives 20 years ago are now enrolled in upper grades or have graduated. Nearly 100 are earning college degrees, including 40 in the United States and [Read More...]

My Conversion to Egalitarianism (John Frye)

How “He” became “She” This is the story of my conversion from the hierarchical view of the role of women in home and church to the egalitarian view. My seminary training landed me exegetically and theologically in the hierarchical camp. I use hierarchical, not complementarian because the nub of the issue is a functional hierarchy. [Read More...]

Christians and Torture

Brian Zahnd, in a recent post, opens with some strong, attention-grabbing and profound claims: You cannot be Christian and support torture. I want to be utterly explicit on this point. There is no possibility of compromise. The support of torture is off the table for a Christian. I suppose you can be some version of [Read More...]