A World From Dust (RJS)

In popular imagination, even the imagination of of many trained in technical fields, evolution is a messy, chaotic, highly contingent and random process. Mark Whorton in Peril in Paradise comments that while he finds the evidence for an old earth convincing, the evidence for evolution is far less convincing. Most importantly, as a Christian he [Read More…]

Husbands, the Last Word, Love, and Honor

By Erin Ortega, at Arise Complementarians confidently assert that husbands are the God-ordained leaders of their families. As leaders, they have the right and responsibility to make final decisions in the home. I will refer to this husbandly right as the “last word clause.” The “last word clause” is usually derived from verses naming the [Read More…]

Every Kid’s a Preacher’s Kid

By Jonathan Storment: A few weeks ago, during a sermon at Highland (the Church I serve), I told a story about something that happened last year with my (then) 6 year old daughter, Eden. It was, what I thought, a really cute story about her running onto the Arkansas Razorback field when she and I [Read More…]

Is Trinity “Useless”? Hear this Theologian Out

By Geoff Holsclaw, pastor at Life on the Vine and colleague at Northern Seminary. Does the Trinity really matter to our regular lives?  And with this supposed “trinitarian revival” of the last 75 years, what are the options? Have things really changed? Or is it all useless? Well, Zondervan’s Two views on the Doctrine of the [Read More…]

New Parents and Happiness

Newser: (NEWSER) – The “happiness penalty” between parents and nonparents in the U.S. — that is, in which nonparents report being happier than their counterparts — is wider than in any of the other 21 countries researchers have analyzed. Now those researchers say they’ve managed to pinpoint exactly why, and it all boils down to family [Read More…]

A Sojourn in Egypt (RJS)

Out of Egypt I called my son. (Hosea 11:1) Sojourns in Egypt plays an important role in the sweep of Scripture running from the opening frames of the story of Abraham and the covenant promise in Genesis 12 through the early story of Jesus (Mt 2). Abram obeyed the call of God and went to [Read More…]

More and More Bibles

By Ben Irwin: I’d been working for an evangelical publisher for almost five years. I loved my job. I loved publishing Bibles — and I published a lot of them. Study Bibles. Youth Bibles. Audio Bibles. We had a Bible for everyone…or at least we aspired to. We wanted more people to read the Bible. [Read More…]

Zmirak, Metaxas, Trump and Bonhoeffer

Source Stream contributor Eric Metaxas has a provocative new book out this week,If You Can Keep It, which explores the forgotten connections between faith-based virtues and the survival of freedom in America. Are Americans virtuous enough to keep up a free society? Or are we headed into a new age where self-interested, short-sighted citizens are so caught [Read More…]

An Ode to the Saint James Devotional Guide

An Ode To The Saint James Devotional Guide, By Michelle Van Loon patheos.com/blogs/pilgrimsroadtrip michellevanloon.com When my husband and I went to our first home school convention in 1992, we expected to discover curriculum and how-to’s. My husband picked up a sample of a devotional booklet from an exhibitor on our way out the door at the end [Read More…]

Meticulous Sovereignty Meets Morality

In my little book A Long Faithfulness I outlined how I think the Book of Hebrews prohibits our thinking of God in terms of meticulous providence (God being the agent and cause of all things, including tragedies and deaths and birth defects and sexual abuse of children), and I join Roger Olson in arguing that such [Read More…]