Boomerang Kids: But What Counts as “Living at Home”?

By Derek Thompson. Wow, I had not heard this: More than ever, young people are living in their parents’ basements. You’ve surely heard that one before. The Washington Post, the New York Times, the New Republic, Salon, and others have repeated it over and over in the last few years. More than 15.3 million twentysomethings—and half of young people under 25—live [Read More...]

Mainline Decline? Yes, Really!

From The Atlantic, by Tanya Basu: The handover in houses of worship across the country is not a straightforward case of an increase in non-Christian immigrants in the United States. In fact, many church sales can be attributed to shifts among Christian denominations.Roman Catholic weekly service attendance has slid from 75 percent in 1955 to 45 percent in [Read More...]

Mainline Decline? Really?

Ted Campbell: You know the story: America’s mighty mainline Protestant churches once stretched from sea to shining sea, embracing the vast majority of American people who worshiped week after week, filling glorious churches with their hymns of praise. But, alas, they are now reduced to a handful of aging folks who can scarcely pay to [Read More...]

How to Preach on Memorial Day (Jason Micheli)

From Jason Micheli: ‘The Sacrifice of War’      My Grandpa died this spring, just before Holy Week. Maybe it’s because I preach so many funerals, but I’ve learned that when it comes to death this paradox is true: while no amount of words can ever do justice to a person’s life, sometimes a single sentence [Read More...]

July 4 and Fireflies (Fun Facts)

Seems like a good day to bring up news about lightning bugs, and they fill our yard each summer. Here is a clip from an article that discusses 12 fun facts about lightning bugs. There are many wonders to behold in the animal world, but few offer such enchantment as that of a summer evening [Read More...]

July 4 Psalm

Of course, neither our President nor any nation’s leader is the same as the Davidic king envisioned here, but the Davidic king can be seen as a template of kingship — with due adjustments for our world, and with all respect to our Canadians who have some of their official statements embedded in this Psalm. [Read More...]

Fairness Tastes Like Ice Cream (RJS)

Chapter four of Matthew Lieberman’s book Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect bears the interesting title Fairness Tastes Like Chocolate.  Personally I like chocolate, on occasions, in small amounts. But it is nothing to write home about. Now homemade ice cream, with real vanilla, and blueberries (preferably picked in the wild, but farmed [Read More...]

New Professor in Aberdeen

Source: The University of Aberdeen’s department of Divinity and Religious Studies has appointed a leading professor to strengthen its position as a premier centre for world class research in Theological Ethics. The University is delighted to announce the appointment of Stanley Hauerwas to a Chair in Theological Ethics. Professor Hauerwas will take up his part-time post within [Read More...]

Let the Teens Sleep

By Anne Miller: Teens: They sleep too much and make poor decisions. Amirite? Maybe not. Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that getting enough sleep — eight hours on average — benefits American teenagers in a host of ways, from boosting grades to literally keeping them alive They tracked 9,000 students at eight high schools across several Western [Read More...]

The Giant Hole in Cynicism, by Jonathan Storment

[There is] a radical difference between cynicism and joy. Cynics seek darkness wherever they go. They point always to approaching dangers, impure motives, and hidden schemes. They call trust naive, care romantic, and forgiveness sentimental…They consider themselves realists who see reality for what it truly is and who are not deceived by “escapist emotions.” But [Read More...]