Weekly Meanderings, 3 December 2016

Wow, this is some crazy stuff: fake news generated so one can denounce those who like the fake news story! Tell me a little about why you started Disinfomedia? Late 2012, early 2013 I was spending a lot of time researching what is now being referred to as the alt-right. I identified a problem with [Read More…]

The Video

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The Weight of Criticisms

Sometimes we get criticized by someone and we deflect it easily; at other times it penetrates and wounds and festers and seems to haunt our nights. The would pesters enough that in odd moments with random people we allude to it or name it explicitly. Is there a way forward, out of it, beyond it, [Read More…]

Re-imagining Advent 1`

In the rich bottom lands near the Chattahooche River in western Coweta County, Georgia, stretches miles of fine cotton fields. Stately plantation homes, while sparse, are built on the rare anomalies of elevated terrain and are shaded by massive red oak trees. You can’t miss the structures, white with majestic columned porches. Summers are stifling [Read More…]

Christians Have a New Identity

The term “identity” is overused today and for conservative pundits “identity” is pejoratively used in “identity” politics while the progressives use it affirmatively as in “it’s about my and her and his identity.”  I’m concerned with neither the conservatives or progressives in this post, but instead with the claim of Larry Hurtado, in Destroyer of [Read More…]

The Election and Education

Nate Silver: In short, it appears as though educational levels are the critical factor in predicting shifts in the vote between 2012 and 2016. You can come to that conclusion with a relatively simple analysis, like the one I’ve conducted above, or by using fancier methods. In a regression analysis at the county level, for [Read More…]

Doom in American Political Rhetoric

One of the more interesting books that has ever come my way is Prophesies of Godlessness: Predictions of America’s Imminent Secularization, a book edited by C. Mathewes and C. McKnight Nichols (no relation). If the title doesn’t interest you, perhaps this line will: “In American history, prophesies of godlessness are as American as American godliness [Read More…]

The Christian Origin of Science? (RJS)

J.B. (Jim) Stump has a new book, Science and Christianity: An Introduction to the Issues. This book is designed as a college textbook to introduce the reader to various facets of the problem. It is not an apologetic for science or for Christianity. The book is short – 180 pages – and an easy read. [Read More…]

Gender and Paul

A book that has just come in the mail is by Cynthia Long Westfall and is called Paul and Gender: Reclaiming the Apostle’s Vision for Men and Women in Christ, and I urge you to purchase and read this book — along with me for I will blog through it. For today, however, I want to [Read More…]

The Rules for Leading from the 2nd Chair

The Rules for Leading from the 2nd Chair by Ben Pickett With the end of the year just around the corner, I’m all set for the New Year’s lists. You know, those compilation stories that give us a list of what’s best about the previous year – always in a particular order – that invites [Read More…]