Europe, USA, and Foods

Wonderful report by Anthony Faiola: Why are Europeans so much wiser when it comes to food and nutrition? ROSTRENEN, France — On a velvety green patch of the French countryside, organic farmer Jean Cabaret gave a little shudder. A looming trade deal with the United States, he fears, may make his worst culinary nightmare come true: [Read More...]

Top Ten Baby Names: Girls and Boys

Here were the top girl names for 2014: Sophia Emma Olivia Ava Isabella Mia Zoe Lily Emily Madelyn And the most popular boy names for 2014: Jackson Aiden Liam Lucas Noah Mason Ethan Caden Jacob Logan [Read more...]

Is Police Brutality a Diversion Tactic?

The gravity of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson landed on racism while the gravity of the death of Eric Garner on Staten Island NYC has shifted toward police brutality. My question: Will this shift of focus from racism to police brutality against African Americans turn into more justice for African Americans or will [Read More...]

Yea or Nay? Unlimited Vacation

Mike Volpe: At most companies in the United States, vacation starts in the most unrelaxing way possible: permission slips. Accruing enough time to go on vacation then having to ask for permission to do so feels more like a fifth grade field trip than a grown-up getaway. Still, far too many companies rely upon the [Read More...]

One, Two Policy Mistakes in Ferguson

A young — yes, a young African American — man lay dead on the street. A policeman — yes, a white — policeman was alive with gun in hand, adrenalin flowing, heart pounding, mind racing. That hot gun was one of the tools of his trade. I raise two questions: Why was the policeman white? [Read More...]

FB Unpaid Advertising Will End

Angus Loten: Will this affect you? Do you advertise on FB? Twitter? Chrisy Bossie built a $100,000-a-year gemstone e-commerce business by sharing information about her products on her company’s Facebook page several times a week. “Steals in the Shop! I have a TON of new 36-inch-long necklaces, most priced at $15, available in amethyst, lapis, watermelon tourmaline, [Read More...]

Why Church? (by Jeff Cook)

Why Church? What are we doing on Sundays? Why not just go to the mountains each weekend to experience God? Why spend all the time, the resources, the energy creating and maintaining the weekly gathering? Sociologist Josh Packard’s upcoming work on “the Dechurched” points to a disconcerting trend. The church is losing folks—not people on the edges, but [Read More...]

Advent Scripture Reading

Isaiah 64:1-9 O that you would tear open the heavens and come down, so that the mountains would quake at your presence– as when fire kindles brushwood and the fire causes water to boil– to make your name known to your adversaries, so that the nations might tremble at your presence! When you did awesome [Read More...]


Source: “Christianity is unable to capture modern audiences,” Di Lucca told NBC News.  “There’s a lack of innovation and lack of design thinking in Church communities.” The multi-denominational group has launched a campaign on the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo and hopes to raise $1 million to build the first McDonald’s church.  As of Friday, only $104 has been raised…. [Read More...]

Exploring the World of the Apostles

Northern Seminary is sponsoring a tour to Turkey and Greece to visit the sits of the apostles Paul and John. And I will be the lead teacher. Our tour will be nearly two weeks long and we will visit major cities and sites. The tour also will include a marvelous stop at none other than [Read More...]