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Give a Child for Christmas

We are privileged people. Many children in the world are not, like this little orphaned child in Swaziland. Would you think of making Christmas real for these children each day of the year by considering donating to HopeChest? At the Jesus Creed blog, we are asking you to consider joining Kris and me in supporting a [Read More...]

JMT: Another Favorite

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To All the Kids Who are Hyper-excited

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JMT: Maybe My Favorite

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The Best Explanation

Today I read an article in the NYTimes that said New Yorkers are the least happiest of Americans.  What explains this? 1. The weather 2. The Wall Street 3. The traffic 4. The Yankees The answer would be: (after the jump) [Read more...]

JMT: My Favorite

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Athlete of the Year?

How in the world can a NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson, no matter how talented, be considered male “athlete” of the year? Is driving a car an athletic feat? CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There was little recognition outside the racing world when Jimmie Johnson won his first NASCAR championship. Same with his second, and again with his third. But [Read More...]


Forgiveness is hard work, requires a steely commitment to make reconciliation happen at the deepest and realistic levels, and filters down from a leader to the people. Sports and cheering for a team are capable of reconciling enemies and those deeply suspicious of one another.  Such are the themes that emerged over and over in [Read More...]


I have followed the reports out of Copenhagen about global climate changes, but am not hearing that much chat among bloggers … I ran through all my blogs late last week and don’t recall seeing one post on Copenhagen.  What do you think? Do you think we are facing an unprecedented crisis? Do you think [Read More...]