Hostile Intention

From The Incidental Economist: How might this play out in our homes, in our churches, or in our work place? Dodge and others have explored ways that individuals vary in their responses to such ambiguous signals and situations. One striking finding has obvious implications for youth violence prevention. Aggression-prone youth are systematically more likely to [Read More…]

Know What This Is?

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Consumed by Consumerism

When it comes to consumerism, are emerging adults (18-23) mapping a new way? Are they, fed up with consumerism, revealing patterns of another kind of life, a “good life” not rooted in consumerism? These are the questions answered in Christian Smith, with Kari Christoffersen, Hilary Davidson, and Paticia Snell Herzog, Lost in Transition: The Dark Side [Read More…]

Women CEO’s: Country by Country

Here is an infograph on women CEO’s in the world: [Read more…]

A Love-Teeming Life

From Father Rob Merola: LIVING A LOVE-TEEMING LIFE When a life abounds in love, love is not simply present; it teems with it, is filled with it, is rich beyond measure in love. When a life abounds in love, love is what people think of when they think of us. It’s the first thought that [Read More…]

History of Christmas Celebration

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Corrupt Country, Incorrupt Country

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Blog Posting Times

For about 2-3 weeks we have struggled with the “timestamp” device in Word Press at Patheos. Which means posts are not appearing at the right time… we’ve had them “Miss Schedule” and that meant we had to post them manually; we’ve had some appear as many as six hours early, which seems to be happening [Read More…]

Egypt’s Constitution

According to the AP, the new constitution is undergirded and contained by sharia: CAIRO (AP) – One of Egypt’s most prominent ultraconservative Muslim clerics had high praise for the country’s draft constitution. Speaking to fellow clerics, he said this was the charter they had long wanted, ensuring that laws and rights would be strictly subordinated [Read More…]

NDEs and Heaven

Are near death experiences an indicator of heaven?  Kyle Hill: And these takedowns have company. Paul Raeburn in the Huffington Post, speaking of Alexander’s deathbed vision being promoted as a scientific account, wrote, “We are all demeaned, and our national conversation is demeaned, by people who promote this kind of thing as science. This is religious [Read More…]