Universalism and Freedom (by Jeff Cook)

Universalism and Freedom  (Jeff Cook) I get to begin with a celebration! This is the last official work I am doing to promote Everything New: Reimagining Heaven and Hell. Most sane authors don’t spend 7 years on a project, but this one was worth it to me. For those who read it, thank you! Now, to the [Read More…]

Is this Pope a Universalist?

I have to admit, after reading the HuffPo sketch of Pope Francis’ recent homily, I thought for sure HuffPo overcooked it, but after reading the Vatican site, I don’t know any other way to read this: “Instead,” the Pope continued, “the Lord has created us in His image and likeness, and has given us this [Read More…]

Giving Texts Priority: Questions

On a flight recently I was reading a book about hell, and one of the chapters was devoted to examining the so-called “universalism” texts in Paul’s letters. Sometimes Paul says things like “As in Adam all die, so in Christ all are made alive.” The issue is how “all” that “all” is! What I observed [Read More…]

Freewill Theism and Universalism

John Sanders is a well-known Christian theologian and philosopher at Hendrix College, and is perhaps known most for his advocacy of open theism. He is a freewill theist, and so his philosophical and theological expertise was brought into the discussion to engage Thomas Talbott’s case for universalism in the book, Universal Salvation?: The Current Debate, [Read More…]

A Calvinist Response to Universalism

In the book, Universal Salvation?: The Current Debate, edited by Robin Parry (aka, Gregory Macdonald) and Christopher Partridge, Daniel F. Strange, a UK Calvinist, responds to Thomas Talbott’s universalism. I cannot possibly enter into the intricacies of the issues here so I will do my best to sketch the major ideas in Strange’s case against [Read More…]

Review of Francis Chan, Erasing Hell, by Jeff Cook

Erasing Hell – A Response (Jeff Cook) I have deep respect for the work of both Francis Chan and Dr. Preston Sprinkle. In their recent book Erasing Hell: What God said about eternity, and the things we made up, the authors move the discussion of hell through a few chapters of Bible study and into [Read More…]

How to Talk about the Afterlife (if you must) 1

Ten Theses to Guide Debate on the Afterlife This post is by D. C. Cramer, who is a PhD student in religion with an emphasis in theological ethics at Baylor University, a pastor in the Missionary Church denomination, and a regular participant in the Jesus Creed community. The following are some theses—in no particular order—that [Read More…]

The Three Conditions of Hell

Many today wonder if a loving and good God can “punish” humans endlessly in hell in a way that can be called just. There are, however, actually two kinds of eternal punishment doctrine. One can be called hard retribution. This view argues that God sets out the conditions, humans knowingly (or corruptedly knowingly) choose otherwise, [Read More…]

Thomas Talbott’s Gauntlet

Thomas Talbott, perhaps America’s most well-known Christian universalist, has laid down three observations that, when combined, are — so he contends — incompatible. One of them must be wrong. In the book, Universal Salvation?: The Current Debate, edited by Robin Parry (aka, Gregory Macdonald) and Christopher Partridge, Talbott’s ideas are both presented — by Talbott [Read More…]

Barna on Universalism

David Kinnaman’s most recent report is on “inclusivism” and “exclusivism” among Americans. If you are looking for a book that sketches various views, I recommend William Crockett, Four Views on Hell. Anything surprise you here? There is an increasing number of Christians who are soft universalists, pluralistic, or inclusivist. Do you agree or disagree? Most [Read More…]