What Churches are Influential in University Communities? (RJS)

Scot linked yesterday to the Missio Alliance website – where the page starts with an observation: “North America has become a mission field. In large parts of our culture, Christianity now exists at the margins and is met with a sense of antagonism amidst the growth of religious pluralism.” Nowhere is this more true than [Read More…]

Saturday Book Review: Guy Chmieleski

Reviewed by Dr. Guy Chmieleski, a campus minister at Belmont University and whose dept has a blog. We are in a time of great change. Churches in North America are in rapid decline. Numerous reports detailing the issues that young believers (and non-believers) have with Christianity continue to bring shape to a country, a generation [Read More…]

Christianity and Higher Education (RJS)

John Fea, chair of the History Department at Messiah College, blogs at The Way of Improvement Leads Home and contributes weekly to the evangelical portal at patheos with a column Confessing History. His column last week addressed the question of Christian higher education and explored what this may mean and how it is to be [Read More…]

Finding Calcutta 1 (RJS)

I have a new book (well OK – the book is a couple of years old, but it is new to me) I am reading in preparation for a Veritas Forum event to be held this fall, Finding Calcutta: What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service by Mary Poplin. This is not [Read More…]

Conflict or Not? (RJS)

Matt J. Rossano posted a column recently at the Huffington Post: The (Lack Of) Conflict Between Science and Religion in College Students. This was later reposted at BioLogos. Dr. Rossano is a professor of psychology at Southeastern Louisiana University specializing in evolutionary psychology, especially religion and science and the evolution of religion. He has published [Read More…]

belief … the modern case (RJS)

Francis Collins, in the brief stretch between stints as head of the Human Genome Project at NIH and, now, Director of NIH, put together a book, Belief: Readings on the Reason for Faith, an anthology of readings he finds helpful in discussing rational reasons for belief in God. The anthology is, in some sense, a [Read More…]

What Do Scientists Really Think? 1 (RJS)

Today I am a lab rat – the little white kind, running through a maze, dissected for examination… Elaine Howard Ecklund a sociologist at Rice University, with a husband on the faculty in Physics, has published a book Science vs Religion: What Scientists Really Think. The work reported in this book draws on an extensive [Read More…]

Telling Our Story – The Story of Jesus (RJS)

This last week I (RJS not Scot) have spent my commute listening to the audio from the Wheaton Theology Conference: Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N.T. Wright. This is fascinating stuff – I recommend it highly. I put up a post in dialogue with the speakers at the conference [Read More…]

Are Women Human? 3 (RJS)

Here is the question for today – Do you read books by or about women? Intentionally? This is the third and last in a series of posts centered around a short volume Are Women Human? containing two essays by Dorothy Sayers.  Today I am going to give a couple of quotes from Sayers’ essays, make [Read More…]

Are Women Human? 2 (RJS)

Last Thursday (see here) I started a short series of posts focused on Dorothy Sayers’ essays published in the volume Are Women Human?. The first essay in this volume is an address given to a women’s society in 1938.  Sayers starts the essay by relating her invitation to speak to the group and noting that [Read More…]