Are Women Human? 1 (RJS)

We’ve had extensive conversations on this blog on the issue of women in ministry. The topic comprises the last third of Scot’s book The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible , and is at the root of many of the contemporary conflicts within our church, including those over tribal translations.  I generally stay [Read More…]

Missional Campus Ministry 5 (RJS)

It has been a while – but the Missional Campus Ministry series will continue on an occasional basis as resources or topics appear.  Today I would like to focus conversation around a recent blog post by John Stackhouse – Campus Ministry That’s Not for Every One.  Here is a brief excerpt… speaking about a visit [Read More…]

Missional Campus Ministry 3 (RJS)

The church I attend has an outstanding youth ministry. No question. And intentionally inter-generational worship. The staff is intent on building relationships. The church is thriving, even growing. The number of families with young children is increasing. And yet … My daughter graduated from high school this year.  She has been in this church since [Read More…]

Missional Campus Ministry 2 (RJS)

We opened this series with a look as Campus ministry as mission.  This is a theme that is repeated and elaborated by Benson Hines in his blog and book. Hines spent a year touring College and University campuses and talking with campus ministers and others. In 2007-2008 he spent 370 days and visited 181 campuses [Read More…]

Missional Campus Ministry 1 (RJS)

Yet another academic year approaches – yet another set of fresh new faces on campus. As we approach a the start of term I would like to renew the conversation on campus ministry we began last spring (You can find my initial salvo here). As many here know I am a professor, at a large [Read More…]