Weekly Meanderings, 7 February 2015

It is cold in many parts of the world today, but none as cold as the coldest town on earth, Oymyakon, and Amos Chapple’s photo piece tells the story. (Chapple’s a Kiwi, by the way.) Meet Malcolm Butler. Meet James Robertson, 21 mile per day commuter by foot: But as he steps out into the [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 31 January 2015

Education is more than for the brain, by Aleta Margolis As an educator for the past 25 years, I’m delighted that our national conversations about teaching and learning are beginning to recognize that excellent instruction engages students intellectually, emotionally, and physically. We’ve come a long way in our understanding of the development of young minds. Yet despite research proving the [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 24 January 2015

Fun news story by Rachel Feltman: When temperatures drop and frost hits, only the heartiest of veggies are equipped to survive. And for many of them, the adaptation that keeps them from dying in the cold also makes them sweet and delicious. In the above video, UCLA biochemist Liz Roth-Johnson explains how this works for the [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 17 January 2015

Do you need to know what a “flat white” is? Here’s the skinny. Jews leaving France. Jews are fleeing France. Rocked by anti-Semitic violence, most recently when Islamists took hostages at a kosher grocery in Paris Friday, the half-million Jews of France are leaving in droves, according to a British journalist. What if Charlie Hebdo had [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 10 January 2015

Back to the land/farm movement: America’s heartland is graying. The average age of a farmer in the U.S. is 58.3 — and that number has been steadily ticking upward for more than 30 years. Image credit Overall, fewer young people are choosing a life on the land. But in some places around the country, like [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 3 January 2015

Our first Meanderings of the New Year! [Image credit] Kris nabbed a bundle of links for me this week. And a hat tip, too, to Lukas. Tim Suttle begins the New Year aright: I was recently asked to contribute practical suggestions on what might make for peace in the coming year. After careful consideration, I [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 13 December 2014

Megan Wildhood: Women in church leadership is not a secondary issue because women are not secondary citizens in the reconciliation world, what Scripture calls the kingdom of heaven. In Philippians 3:20 Paul refers to his brothers and sisters who are pressing hard after the goal, which is Jesus Christ, as “citizens of heaven”, and makes no gender qualifications in [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 6 December 2014

Yes, let’s do it! The Steffen method of boarding a plane. In this approach, often called the Steffen method, adjacent passengers in line will be seated two rows apart from each other. The first wave of passengers would be, in order, 30A, 28A, 26A, 24A, and so on, starting from the back. (For a typical [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 29 November 2014

On Ferguson there are so many things to say about racism and injustices — and have been said by many and said well and I will be posting my own thoughts next week — but two clips about media accountability — constant coverage, repeating rumors and not facts, drawing conclusions too early, keeping the process [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 22 November 2014

Welcome from San Diego — Kris and I are at our annual attendance at the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and enjoying a brief respite from the cold weather in Chicagoland. (By the way, I checked the Dashboard and this is the 473d Weekly Meanderings… wow, that’s almost 9 full years of our weekly posting [Read More...]