Weekly Meanderings, 29 November 2014

On Ferguson there are so many things to say about racism and injustices — and have been said by many and said well and I will be posting my own thoughts next week — but two clips about media accountability — constant coverage, repeating rumors and not facts, drawing conclusions too early, keeping the process [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 22 November 2014

Welcome from San Diego — Kris and I are at our annual attendance at the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and enjoying a brief respite from the cold weather in Chicagoland. (By the way, I checked the Dashboard and this is the 473d Weekly Meanderings… wow, that’s almost 9 full years of our weekly posting [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 15 November 2014

Inspiring story of the week: Sarah Reinertsen: As a child, I didn’t get to play a lot of sports in school. I was often excluded from games on the playground and struggled to keep up with my friends in gym class. This was due to the fact that I didn’t actually know how to run. [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 8 November 2014

I’ve enjoyed five weeks in a row of teaching at Northern and also, in the middle of each week, on the road about Kingdom Conspiracy so I’m just plain grateful I, with Kris’ help of course, we got these meanderings up each week. So here goes… And, by the way, next Saturday we have a special Kingdom Conspiracy [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 1 November 2014

Fantastic piece by Mark Taylor: Fast-forward 100 years. During the latter half of the 20th century, information, communications, and networking technologies expanded rapidly, and transmission speed increased exponentially. But more than data and information were moving faster. Moore’s Law, according to which the speed of computer chips doubles every two years, now seems to apply [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 25 October 2014

The dogs of the Canadian slain soldier paying tribute. A Texas-sized spider in Guyana: (NEWSER) – Strolling through a Guyana rainforest one night, a scientist heard some rustling and thought he’d encountered a furry mammal. Well, he was right about the furry part. The creature was actually a Goliath birdeater spider,LiveScience reports — the world’s biggest [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 18 October 2014

A church of many colors? The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said that Sunday at 11 a.m. was the most segregated hour in America. Today, pastors like Mr. Beard are working to change that, with some success. The proportion of churches in the U.S. with mixed-race congregations—where no single group tops 80%— has grown [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 4 October 2014

Gotta love the (Bohemian?) Waxwing grabbing some breakfast. Wine as a source of good bacteria and probiotics by Agata Blaszczak Boxe (Source): There are bacteria in wine that may be beneficial for people’s health, new research finds. In the study, researchers in Spain isolated 11 strains of bacteria from wine, including strains of Lactobacillus, which are [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 27 September 2014

Kirsten Powers — we broke Iraq — read these sobering words: Colin Powell famously told President George W. Bush before the Iraq invasion, “If you break it, you own it.” Well, it’s safe to say we broke Iraq. That’s the story I heard last week from two people who live there. I met with the Rev. [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 20 September 2014

I’ve been teaching a DMin cohort this week at Northern and I couldn’t have done these meanderings without Kris sending most of them my way … so again, thanks to Kris for your morning’s reading. Cyberbullying, a young woman has become proactive: “You are so ugly!” “Go get a life, loser!” Fourteen-year-old Trisha Prabhu of [Read More...]