Weekly Meanderings, 15 March 2014

High school dances — going the way of high button shoes? (One of my favorite movies of all time in that pic.) Your high school may have had different names for them, but you probably recognize what they are: school dances. A staple of American culture, the dramatic climax of countless high-school movies, and the background [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 8 March 2014

This amazing picture of Chicago’s reflection on the lake taken from an airplane by an iPhone. Rob Merola’s wisdom – The two most destructive forces I have seen in my almost 30 years as a priest are anger and alcohol. It’s interesting, then, that one of the chief findings of one of the longest running [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 1 March 2014

These pre WW2 photos are priceless stories, my favorite this homesteader gardening: Diversity sometimes means left-wing kinds of diversity according to Jonah Goldberg: Which brings us back to the sages of Swarthmore and Harvard. They at least understand that ideological diversity is actually, like, you know, a thing. They just think it’s a bad thing. [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 22 February 2014

A tragic, but well-told story, by my friend Karen. Jed Zillmer was a kid. Jed Zillmer fought for his country. Jed Zillmer returned to a nation ill-equipped to deal with the injuries he suffered as a result of his service. And I’m not talking about his foot. Twenty-two veterans a day commit suicide in the [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 15 February 2014

My, Lego ads tell a story: So what did Rachel Giordano have to say about the LEGO news van when it pulled up to her medical office in Seattle via Amazon and UPS? First things first: she told me what it was like to be a child model for the Ford Agency in New York [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 8 February 2014

Correcting the President, Christina Hoff Sommers: It’s the bogus statistic that won’t die—and president deployed it during the State of the Union—but women do not make 77 cents to every dollar a man earns. President Obama repeated the spurious gender wage gap statistic in his State of the Union address. “Today,” he said, “women make [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 1 February 2014

Wow, that’s a super sized boulder! Joe Carter, at the Acton Institute blog, opines about economic theory, taking on the President’s State of the Union address, and then he suggests 10 things that folks ought to know about income inequality — esp what drives it, which he says is that good ol’ vice Envy. OK, this [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 25 January 2014

To my knowledge, a student has never Rickroll’d me in a paper or essay, but this physics student pulled it off. A high school student managed to “rickroll” his physics teacher, cleverly inserting the lyrics of Rick Astley’s ’80s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” and lining the words up perfectly. Even more impressive, the [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings 18 January 2014

Kristin answers why she permits her teenage daughter to pierce her nose. “Why on earth did you let your eighth grade daughter get her nose pierced?!?” To be fair, no one has actually asked me that nosy question (pun intended), but I can hear it resonating in their minds, bouncing around until it leaks out [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 11 January 2014

Chicago’s icy week. Jordan Weissmann says the US government is giving out more money than would be necessary to make college tuition free in all of America’s public universities/colleges: A mere $62.6 billion dollars! According to new Department of Education data, that’s how much tuition public colleges collected from undergraduates in 2012 across the entire United [Read More...]