Over to You

A quotation here from Harvey Cox, a quotation passed on to me, and I quote it to generate a conversation. I can say the same for most church bodies and African Americans, and for many and Latin Americans, and for Asian Americans… what do we lose in the silencing or segregating of voices? Over to [Read More...]

Women and Worship: Corinth

In her very important new book Women and Worship at Corinth, Lucy Peppiatt contends there are no fewer than six reasons to examine afresh the passages in 1 Corinthians about women in worship. Before I get to her reasons, I want to post six slogans in 1 Corinthians — that is six lines that even [Read More...]

Paul and the Women of Corinth

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this but if you do I suspect you will be frustrated. Try reading the Song of Solomon as a blank text. No verses, no chapters, and no modern day translation breaking it up into He and She and the Daughters of Jerusalem — and others perhaps. Here are [Read More...]

The Pope and The Woman: The Bad and The Good

From Thomas Reese, who details five problems and five opportunities — go to the link for the full article: The Bad. When it comes to women, Pope Francis has five strikes against him, but he also has some good points. First strike: He is male. Second, he is celibate. Pardon the stereotyping, but the third [Read More...]

John Piper and Women Preachers

From Christian Daily: Name them: Deborah, Huldah, Junia, and Priscilla. Theologian John Piper was recently asked if the Bible allows women to preach as long as they do it under the permission of church elders. Piper answered, “No.” “A woman teaching men with authority week in and week out … or regularly … under the [Read More...]

Revisionist History on the Term “Complementarian”

One of the more relentless students of the history of women in ministry among evangelicals, and especially of the history of how egalitarians and complementarians have framed their arguments and used their terms, is Kevin Giles of Australia. Because of the social and ecclesial force among conservative evangelicals on the side of so-called “complementarians,” one [Read More...]

Slanderous Accusations against Egalitarians

Not all egalitarians like the term “egalitarian.” I, for one, don’t. I like the term “mutualist” but it hasn’t caught on, and one reason it hasn’t caught on is because complementarians have politically, rhetorically and in some ways successfully slandered egalitarians by direct accusation or insination that they are liberals. This is slander in many [Read More...]

Complementarians Shifting Views

In a most fascinating study by Jamin Hübner, called “The Evolution of Complementarian Exegesis,” Priscilla Papers 29 (2015) 11-13, we are treated to specific examples of complementarians (=hierarchicalists, =patriarchalists) shifting their views on points of exegesis. The changes are the result of further study but the conclusion Hübner draws is that complementarians have not had as stable an [Read More...]

Megachurch Opens to Women Pastors and Leaders

Jeremiah Gibbs: One year ago this week I wrote that Grace Church of Noblesville, IN, (a northern Indianapolis suburb) had publicly changed their position intheir weekend services to support women at all levels of leadership. The previous article was viewed nearly 20,000 times and sparked articles about the sermon in national media. Readers were encouraged that a church of [Read More...]

A Commenter Asks: Your Wisdom

From Mark Baker-Wright: Scot, I recognize that this could go off-topic, so I throw it out here mostly as something to consider for later, and recognizing that you, yourself, are a member of a breakaway Anglican denomination in America. My wife is an Episcopal priest. While I’m sure she’d object to the characterization of “cuckoo,” [Read More...]