Women Bishops in the Church of England

This week the Church of England decided that women could not only be priests but also bishops. The Church of Uganda has supported this decision, as seen here: Stanley Ntagali The Primate of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of Kampala, has released a statement welcoming Monday’s vote by the General Synod of the [Read More...]

Women and the “Silence” of Listening

From CBE’s Arise newsletter, by Aida Besancon Spencer: This is an excerpt from Aída Besançon Spencer’s talk on “El Silencio, las Mujeres y la Iglesia” (“Silence, Women and the Church”) given at the CBE meeting in Colombia. Some basic aspects of Bible interpretation are: 1. Look at its literary context: the written context of the [Read More...]

Patriarchal Worldview: Mimi Haddad

In the newest edition of Mutuality, a church-shaped magazine for the uplifting of women by egalitarians, Mimi Haddad, President of Christians for Biblical Equality, observes that there is one gospel but two worldviews (the topic of the most recent Mutuality). By the way, I prefer to call my own view “mutualist” or “mutuality” instead of “egalitarian,” because [Read More...]

Ordination of Women: NT Wright

In his new book, Surprised by Scripture, N.T. Wright sketches his case for the ordination of women. What is for some of us an already established set of observations on the basis of the Bible is for others not only contested by problematic. In fact, for some affirming the ordination of women is a way of [Read More...]

She Can Teach!

A man named Pete tells the story of his uber-gifted mother who could teach, her womens Bible study classes were exploding in interest and size, she was asked to teach a “mixed” audience and when she began a few men got up and walked out, but her husband leaned over and said, “Preach the Word, [Read More...]

An Infographic on Women Empowerment

[Read more...]

The Apostle Paul and Women

“If you polled people in public at random, you would likely find that Paul has made his overall worst impressions on modern thinkers with his statements on women.” So Sarah Ruden in Paul among the People (p. 72). It is not uncommon to pull out rabbinical statements about women, then trot out Jesus and Jesus wins, [Read More...]

The Bible and That “Women” Question (RJS)

Several weeks ago I put up a post That “Women” Question looking at comments by N. T. Wright on the text of 1 Timothy 2 and the role of women in the church.  Wright’s response referred to his small commentary Paul for Everyone, The Pastoral Epistles where he provides a translation of verses 11-15 and [Read More...]

Tell Your Story, Jackie

I loved this post by my friend Jackie Roese. I will be posting about Jackie Roese’s book one of these days soon. I’ve taught for over a decade. I’ve weaved my story into the teaching, but I’ve never sat and spoken solely about my life story. The focus was never just me. But the woman [Read More...]

Women Daring Mighty Things (by Tara Beth Leach)

This post is by graduate assistant at Northern Seminary, Tara Beth Leach, a woman gifted to teach and preach and acknowledged by her peers. “That’s wonderful that you have experienced such a strong sense of call, Tara Beth; but you must be mistaken, women can’t be Pastors,” said my Youth for Christ leader after I [Read More...]