Women as Witnesses (Marianne Meye Thompson)

From Arise, by Marianne Meye Thompson: Image Marianne Meye Thompson is the George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary. While specializing in the Gospels and particularly the Gospel of John, she has written on Colossians, the epistles of John, and various theological topics such as God as father in the Scriptures. [Read More...]

Paul Subverts Male Authoritarianism

Notice this reading of 1 Corinthians 11 by Lucy Peppiatt in her book Women and Worship at Corinth: The italics are words from those Corinthians with whom Paul is disagreeing, and what you will see here is a proposal that releases the tension that so many of us find in the Pauline teachings about women as one in [Read More...]

Women in Luke’s Gospel and Acts

The order of “doing theology” seems to move like this: first we are systematic theologians trying to make sense of the Christian view of things; then we learn to do “biblical” theology in the mode of learning to think the way “Moses” or “Isaiah” or Mark or John or Paul and Peter think; then we [Read More...]

Male Leadership and Intentional Female Leadership

In the Spring edition of Mutuality, Charles M. Metcalf, a pastor in LaGrange GA and a PhD student at Eastern University, outlines what males in leadership can do to transform a church culture so that females share leadership. His article is called “Learning from My Mistakes: Being Intentional about Practicing Egalitarianism,” Mutuality (Spring 2015): 4-6. If those in [Read More...]

Rescued from Confusion (Amy R. Buckley, from Arise)

Amy R. Buckley is a writer, speaker, and activist. She is a contributor to Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse: Churches and Their Leaders Look to the Future and serves on the board of Life Together International. Read more at amyrbuckley.com and find her on Twitter @AmyR_Buckley. [SMcK: This post is from Arise. This post shows how the church needs [Read More...]

Rethinking One of Paul’s Passages about Women

There are at least five reasons why we ought to reconsider the traditional (women ought to show submission to men in church gatherings) reading of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, and these are Lucy Peppiatt’s five: The “spectacular array of contradictory commentary” on these verses should at least make us think we have not yet found a [Read More...]

Body and Theology

Males and females, a body for each. Male and female hair, a style for each. Male and female clothing, a style for each. Transgress the body, the hair or the clothing and shame results; maintain the body, the hair and the clothing, and honor results. The history of the church reveals a correlation with the [Read More...]

Woman of God: A Stereotype?

Source: Arise, by Khristi L. Adams is the author of The Misinterpreted Gospel of Singleness. She is currently a chaplain in residence at Georgetown University and a communications and social media consultant with the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. Khristi is a graduate of Temple University and Princeton Theological Seminary. Image I was recently asked to lead a discussion [Read More...]

Tension in the Letter

Any sensitive reader feels the tension in 1 Corinthians. Now some claim Paul is patriarchal and thinks only males are to be teaching and talking in the gatherings of the early Christians. They can appeal quite quickly to 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 or even more forcefully to 1 Corinthans 14:33b-36. Game, set, match. But that conclusion [Read More...]

Single, Female, Missionary

I am sent a link to The Southern Blog, hosted by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where Danielle Hurley asks herself the questions about single females who wonder if they are called to missionary work. She frames the questions and then answers them. First her framing of the questions: So you’re interested in overseas missions? You aren’t sure, [Read More...]