How to be a (Realist) Egalitarian

The issue is not if one is to be an egalitarian but how to be an egalitarian. (Not disrespecting that complementarians believe the same about themselves.) The issue John Stackhouse addresses in a chapter called “What Then?” (the book is called Partners in Christ) is how to be an egalitarian in a Christian manner. This is how [Read More...]

Complementarians Respond to Egalitarians

John Stackhouse’s Partners in Christ may be the most honest book ever written in the complementarian-egalitarian debate; it is without doubt the fairest book on the topic I’ve seen. This honesty begins with method. In essence, anyone who claims his (or her) view covers all the evidence is overcooking the claim. Notice these words of candid method: [Read More...]

When She Preaches (Tara Beth Leach)

By Tara Beth Leach, posted originally at Missio Alliance. Growing up, I sat at the feet of countless remarkable male preachers. Besides Beth Moore, I don’t recall ever hearing a woman preach until my sophomore or junior year of college. I witnessed countless men stand behind pulpits, open their Bibles, and preach the Word of [Read More...]

A Proposed Model for Egalitarians: An Honest Tension

We think with and inside models or theories. What does a model of egalitarianism look like? John Stackhouse proposes a model in his new book Partners in Christ: A Conservative Case for Egalitarianism. Before we get to his model, a point about method: we can construct a model on the inductive method by examining all the bits [Read More...]

Whose Side Are You On?

We seemingly have to take sides and then label the other side and think we’re in a war. John Stackhouse — the issue is women in ministry, women in general, women in the church, and the power position of men deciding so much about women — in the expansion and revision of a former book, [Read More...]

Clearly, a Woman Leader in Paul’s Churches (by Dalaina May)

Dalaina May lives with her husband, Dan, and four young sons in Southeast Asia where they are involved in local anti-trafficking efforts. When she isn’t working, stepping on Legos, or breaking up light saber fights (in other words, after bedtime), she is usually geeking out on theology or advocating for Christian involvement in social justice [Read More...]

Go with your Gift (by Kelly Delp)

By Kelly Delp, reposted from her blog to this blog with her permission. I gotta be honest. I used to not get this rambling about women in ministry. I really didn’t understand what the big deal was. Move along. Do what you’re called to do. Stop rallying. And then I had a realization. I didn’t [Read More...]

Patriarchy Matters

The title of this post comes from Carolyn Custis James’ title to chp 2 in her book Malestrom, and this paragraph gets us going: At a time when patriarchy is in decline and increasingly deemed passe in progressive western cultures like our own, when global opposition to patriarchal tenets is mounting as gains in education and [Read More...]

Caught in the Malestrom?

Men write books about women all the time; men, in fact, often dictate — that’s not too strong of a term, mind you — what women can and cannot do; men write about what women are permitted by the Bible to do in the church. But very few women write books about men, but now someone [Read More...]

Women as Witnesses (Marianne Meye Thompson)

From Arise, by Marianne Meye Thompson: Image Marianne Meye Thompson is the George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary. While specializing in the Gospels and particularly the Gospel of John, she has written on Colossians, the epistles of John, and various theological topics such as God as father in the Scriptures. [Read More...]