Listen to Her

From Arise newsletter, by: Adelita Garza is lead pastor of both the Spanish and English congregations at Puente de Vida(Bridge of Life) Church in Santa Paula, CA. She is passionate about seeing the lost come to Jesus and working toward the unity of the church. She received a BA in church leadership at Bethany College and an MDiv [Read More...]

That Elect Lady

Not often observed in the conversation (ahem, debate) about women in ministry is 2 John, a letter addressed by John (according to traditional scholarship) to a woman who is the leader of a house church. The whole text immediately follows so you can read it, with important expressions italicized: 2John 1    The elder, To the [Read More...]

Anne Graham Lotz, Jimmy Carter and It’s Time!

Yes, Billy Graham’s daughter has experienced — sadly and to the detriment of the church — discrimination as a preacher because she’s a woman. Some in power think they need to decide if God equips women to preach. Some are quenching the Spirit’s free work in our world. How do you respond to Lotz’s observations? [Read More...]

Women, Bibles, Translations

From Arise newsletter, by Kristin Gatza: Born and raised in Chicago, Kristin Gatza moved to Arizona, where she received a BA in biblical studies. She is currently a student at Fuller Theological Seminary working towards her MA in theology with an emphasis in language. When not in the classroom, Kristin is known as a frequent [Read More...]

A Blue Parakeet in High Heels

By Leslie Keeney: The other benefit of wearing heels is less easily described, but more powerful—something akin to both courage and confidence, but not quite either. Something that comes from deciding not to pretend I’m not female when walking through the predominantly male world of evangelical academics. Anyone old enough to have been sentient in the [Read More...]

Grudem on Grudem’s Studies

Wayne Grudem has recently been interviewed by Books at a Glance, and here is a brief clip — at the link you can see the whole interview: I’m not so sure that “complementarian” can be defined as “equal in value but different in their God-given roles.” It’s not difference that is the issue; the issue [Read More...]

Beliefs Known by Praxis

What we believe and how we behave are not quite perfectly matched, at least not this side of the kingdom, but it is not unfair to say that what one believes is seen in how one lives. If you say you believe in God but never pray, or if you say you believe in forgiveness [Read More...]

A Brief on the CBE Meeting in Colombia

Mimi Haddad: So many of us long for authentic community – a place to nurture Christian faith, intellectually, spiritually, and socially. Amid the complexities of life and our disappointments with self, others, and the church, we often venture to events, longing for God’s healing touch in Scripture, community, prayer, and worship. For those wearied by [Read More...]

Women Bishops in the Church of England

This week the Church of England decided that women could not only be priests but also bishops. The Church of Uganda has supported this decision, as seen here: Stanley Ntagali The Primate of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, Archbishop of Kampala, has released a statement welcoming Monday’s vote by the General Synod of the [Read More...]

Women and the “Silence” of Listening

From CBE’s Arise newsletter, by Aida Besancon Spencer: This is an excerpt from Aída Besançon Spencer’s talk on “El Silencio, las Mujeres y la Iglesia” (“Silence, Women and the Church”) given at the CBE meeting in Colombia. Some basic aspects of Bible interpretation are: 1. Look at its literary context: the written context of the [Read More...]