Women and People of Color in Academia

From Arise By Emily Louise Zimbrick-Rogers The recent election has prompted significant reflection for many evangelicals, including notable contributions from Christianity Today managing editor Katelyn Beaty[1], Fuller president Mark Labberton and Fuller president emeritus Richard Mouw[2], and Northeastern assistant professor of New Testament Esau McCaulley[3], who writes about being black, evangelical, and an Anglican priest. [Read More…]

Tell Her Story

By Mimi Haddad: On Tuesday, July 12, Alvera Mickelsen was welcomed into the loving arms of Jesus. Our beloved leader, mentor, mother, and friend died at the age of ninety-seven. A founder of CBE, she was CBE’s first board chair in 1997, worked with grassroots CBE chapters, and served for years as a CBE board [Read More…]

Situational Obedience

By Erin Ortega, from Arise newsletter: Erin Ortega lives in Southern California with her husband, Erick. She is a passionate, Jesus-loving intellectual. In addition to egalitarianism, she also has a passion for cross-cultural work, teaching, emotional health, and worship ministries. You can find her on Facebook. It occurred to me as I was reading Philemon recently that Paul [Read More…]

The Biblical Scholar from the Throw-out Box

By Lucy Peppiatt, who can be followed @lucepeppiatt Check out Lucy’s interview here: And a 2 minute interview here: The Biblical Scholar from the Throw Out Box Last Thursday I met an amazing woman, Katharine C. Bushnell (sometimes misspelled as Katherine). Unfortunately, like so many of the people I wish I’d met, she’s dead. She [Read More…]

When My Friend (a She) Became a Deacon

By Traci Rhodes, at Arise and CBE Traci Rhoades writes, from her Michigan countryside kitchen, over at tracesoffaith.com (a bit of a play on her name). When she first started blogging, she wondered what unique voice she could bring. She’s landed on this one-line description: “A Country Girl Goes To Church.”  It all began because I wanted [Read More…]

Rev Dr Mom

Rev. Dr. Mom, by John Frye Jesus Creed folks, welcome to the “One T Saloon” and to Courtney Pace Lyons, Ph.D., whom I had the privilege to hear preach on December 27 at Collective Church, Roanoke, TX. (For the newcomers, “the one t saloon” was one of the first alternative names of this blog site. Please [Read More…]

Biblical Scholars and Women in Ministry

From New Life, where you can read about more supporters of women’s ministries: Some Christians think that only people who have a “loose approach to scripture” can believe that women should be leaders and teachers in the church. I strongly doubt that any evangelical Christian would regard these scholars and theologians as having a loose [Read More…]

She Was Called

About Christine Lee, with Grace Wong: Well, God had other plans. The next Sunday after that conversation, I was sitting in church during the Eucharist. In the Episcopal Church, everyone goes forward to receive communion. The priest gives you a wafer and then everyone drinks from, or dips the wafer in, a common cup. As [Read More…]

Evangelicalism’s “New Machismo”

Very few have not observed the rise among some of a more masculine faith, of a call to get more men to church. John Stackhouse, in Partners in Christ, opens his 19th chp with the claim that the church has been increasingly feminized since the Second Great Awakening. Women make up more than 50% of the [Read More…]

How to be a (Realist) Egalitarian

The issue is not if one is to be an egalitarian but how to be an egalitarian. (Not disrespecting that complementarians believe the same about themselves.) The issue John Stackhouse addresses in a chapter called “What Then?” (the book is called Partners in Christ) is how to be an egalitarian in a Christian manner. This is how [Read More…]