Education, Discipleship, and the Future 3 (RJS)

One of the topics Scot has emphasized of late has been the future of our church and the importance of youth ministry – defined to cover anyone from 12 to 30 or so.  We have been discussing an aspect of this issue in the context of campus ministry.  Many students hit the University with a [Read More...]

Education, Discipleship, and the Future 2 (RJS)

We started a discussion a while ago on University Ministry  – a discussion I would like to continue today. And I think the initial question to shape thinking is quite simple: What is the purpose or aim of a College or University Ministries? Is the aim discipleship? Evangelism? Both? Something else? Is the aim the [Read More...]

Youth Ministry and Community: Chris Folmsbee

This is the 3d post by Chris Folmsbee, a leader in youth ministry theology. It wasn’t until I was nearly half a dozen years into vocational youth ministry that I began to discover that I couldn’t will a sense of community.  As hard as I worked to create an environment of invitation, generosity, hope, love, [Read More...]

Education, Discipleship, and the Future 1 (RJS)

Scot has been presenting a series of related posts pondering the future of evangelicalism and the importance of youth ministry – something that may cover anyone from 12 to 30 or so these days.  There are many aspects to this problem – and different folks will have different issues and priorities – but I would [Read More...]

Youth and Evangelism (Chris Folmsbee)

Chris Folmsbee has already offered us two posts about youth ministry, and this is his third. Along with Marko’s new book we have two posts today about youth work. This post about evangelism is very important to me. I’m working right now on an evangelistic book for young adults. Chris: Over the last couple of [Read More...]

Youth Ministry 3.0 (3)

So, what can we do? Marko, in his new book, Youth Ministry 3.0: A Manifesto of Where We’ve Been, Where We Are & Where We Need to Go , has a bundle of suggestions and I want to discuss a few of them today. What do you think? Are any of you in YM 3.0? [Read More...]

Youth Ministry 3.0 (2)

We need to develop an ongoing conversation about youth ministry. Marko’s book provides for us a virtual history of youth ministry in the last 50+ years and does so clearly and simply. We need this book. (By the way, “Marko” on the cover is a mock cover I found online.) As you read this post, [Read More...]

Youth Ministry 3.0

I sat down the other day with a youth pastor and asked a direct question that I’ve asked a number of youth leaders: “What percentage of your youth become adult, mature Christians?” His response: “You want the truth?” I said, “Of course.” His answer: “About 25%.” We both sat there, fumbling our coffee cups, looking [Read More...]

Youth Ministry and Narrative Intelligence: Chris Folmsbee

As announced last week, Chris Folmsbee will blog at Jesus Creed about youth ministry. I’m keen that we develop more sensitivity to youth ministries and ministers, and Chris is at the cutting edge of what is going on. The more I thought about the conversations surrounding last weeks post on re-thinking mission in youth ministry, [Read More...]

Re-Thinking Mission in Youth Ministry

Through a variety of influences I have renewed my own commitment to the utter significance of youth ministry today — and I mean by that from junior high until adulthood (and that might mean 12 to 30!). Our future churches are rooted in what happens in the next decade with this age group. I have [Read More...]