Tentmaking 4 (Jeff Cook)

Finances : Tentmaking 4 According to a 2008 compensation survey from LifeWay, the average pastor of a small church with between 50 and 74 members makes $39,459. For a bivocational pastor of the same size church, the average salary is $10,181. I had a recent conversation with a magazine editor who said that bivocational ministry [Read More…]

Tentmaking 3 (Jeff Cook)

Rhythms : Tentmaking 3 I have a wife and 2 small boys, I helped found and lead a local church, and I work around 20-30 hours a week either teaching at a local university or writing to help supplement my ministry-addiction. My wife who is just as much of tentmaker as I am, likewise works [Read More…]

Tentmaking Ministry 2 (Jeff Cook)

Many pastors in our country choose to work a second job in order to help create their churches. Recently this trend of bivocational pastors (or “tentmakers”) has become more popular, specifically for those who believe the church itself is a missionary community entering into a specific culture. Chris Ridgeway suggested in a previous post that [Read More…]