Tentmaking 7 (Jeff Cook)

The Tension between Leading and Teaching: Tentmaking 7 (the Final Post) I know of a few pastors who have solid, large churches who have stepped out of the “executive pastor” role, and have exclusively assumed a “teaching pastor role,” allowing someone else to do the fulltime work of leading their church community. This seems quite [Read More…]

Tentmaking 6 (Jeff Cook)

The Other Job: Tentmaking 6 The Apostle Paul made tents in order to fund his ministry, often receiving nothing from churches he was serving. Some present day pastors likewise divide their time between ministry and another job. A problem that has been hinted at in previous posts is that many of us actually “like” our other [Read More…]

Tentmaking 5 (Jeff Cook)

Family: Tentmaking 5 It is commonly pointed out by those who argue for bivocational ministry as a good, even superior, way to be a pastor that Paul was a tentmaker. Yet a primary difference between Paul and most pastors I know, is that he was neither married nor had children. The rhythms of life for [Read More…]

Tentmaking Ministry 1 (Jeff Cook)

Increasingly there are young leaders/pastors who are called “tentmakers”: they are both pastoring a church and working another job. Jeff Cook, author, professor and pastor — and tentmaker — begins a new series for us. Another term for such folks is that they are bi-vocational. From Jeff Cook: Tentmakers – Part 1 One of the [Read More…]