Anatomy of the Soul (RJS)

I was given a book recently,  Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson, that connects with ideas we have discussed in a number of different posts – from those on Joel Green’s book Body, Soul, and Human Life to  a series on Science and Sin. The topic also connects with posts on Science and Christian [Read More…]

Science and Christian Virtue 2 (RJS)

I put up a short series of posts just about a year ago that dealt with the science of sin, Christian virtue, and the importance of viewing ourselves as fully embodied persons. You can find the posts here: Science and Sin 1, Science and Sin 2, Science and Christian Virtue 1, and Science, Worship, and Fasting. Now, just about a year later, I would like to come back to the thoughts I was developing in these posts – and especially the thoughts in the third, Science and Christian Virtue 1. There are several key ideas that we need to take seriously. The most important is human embodiment … we cannot separate soul, spirit, mind and will from the human bodies that contain said soul, spirit, mind or will. Scot’s book on fasting is a wonderful biblically based commentary on one of the consequences of our embodiment. The second important idea is that the human mind or will is malleable – assuming that we believe in some level of free will (and I do) there is research that demonstrates that the human brain contains a conscious self-regulatory system. One of the researchers quoted in the article from Discover Magazine forming the basis for the first two posts on Science and Sin said: “This network provides us with the evolutionarily unprecedented ability to control our own neural processing – a feat achieved by no other creature.” [Read more…]