The Soul of Evangelicalism: What Will Become of Us?

Not long ago I posted on the loss of the evangelical soul, a post in part stimulated by the tone of conversations I am witnessing on FB. Everybody’s a prophet these days and thinks so because, so they think, they are speaking truth to power. They’re not. They’re yelling in a barrel full of self-appointed [Read More…]

Absolute Perfection?… Oh My (RJS)

There is a new book just out, a collection of essays edited by James K. Hoffmeier and Dennis R. Magary Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? exploring a wide range of topics written by seminary professors from several different institutions including Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Dallas, Denver, Southwestern, and a few others. I don’t have [Read More…]

Out of Egypt? … Say What? (RJS)

Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan and a self proclaimed evangelical (because there is no other kind), posted 10 Reasons to Believe in a Historical Adam on the Gospel Coalition website last week. His post has, I am sure, many supporters and has drawn some response from those who [Read More…]

Evangelicalism, One More Time 2

Since the 1980s evangelicalism has developed new legalisms. Before I go there, let me define what “legalism” means: it refers to anything that is added to the gospel in such a way that it diminishes the sufficiency of our acceptance before God in Christ or diminishes the power of the Spirit to guide us. Legalism [Read More…]

Evangelicalism, One More Time 1

Evangelicalism is up for grabs. The evangelical coalition of the 1950s-1990s is behind us, the fissures in the movement are everywhere apparent, and the future of evangelicalism … well, I’m not a prophet. I don’t know what will happen, but I do have a sense of where we are and where we were, and it [Read More…]