Reflections on Sticky Faith and The King Jesus Gospel (RJS)

Last summer Scot posted a few times on the book Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Chap Clark. This book contains a wealth of good advice for parents, especially parents of younger children looking for ways to build faith in their children. The book also discusses the kinds of things that churches can do to [Read More…]

Where Do You Start? … (RJS)

I’ve been traveling again this week, and so am somewhat off my normal schedule. My Tuesday post has become a Wednesday post. Today I would like to pose a question and look for some response and insight. Over the last several weeks we’ve been looking at the essays in a book Theology After Darwin centered [Read More…]

The Gospel: “Fog” and “Cloudy”

Greg Gilbert says the there is a “fog” in our understanding of the gospel; Darrell Bock says our understanding of the gospel is “cloudy.” We’re talking here about the core of cores, the heart of hearts, the center of all centers; we’re talking here about the gospel of all things. And both of these writers, [Read More…]

A Question for the Table

Yesterday in my 4th Year Seminar, which is devoted to examining “What is the gospel?”, I set out a scenario, generated a very good set of responses, and want to provide the same scenario for the blog this afternoon. It’s the 1st Century and here’s a make-believe event. You enter the room with some other [Read More…]

Gospel and Environment

I got this question from a reader. An answer could take up a book — or a series of books — or at least a chp in a book, but I’ll give it a few lines. Does the gospel include somehow not only good news of God renewing all of creation in Jesus, but also [Read More…]