Weekly Meanderings

Mornin’ to you! One of the more important lessons a writer has to learn — and may never be able to learn: “But as I try to type now, I realize I’m doing one of the worst things a writer can do—I’m writing for that reviewer. I’m justifying my thoughts, defending my words, avoiding the [Read More…]

The Day Mark Twain was edited

Mark Twain tells stories so well one never knows how much of it got confused in fiction. It was he who once said, and I don’t remember where, that he never let facts get in the way of his fiction. But let’s assume this story happened. One time Twain was asked to write the Introduction [Read More…]

What a day!

From the moment I heard about it until Friday I was looking forward to begin reading the new complete, authoritative autobiography of Mark Twain. By the time Univ of California and its editors finish this mammoth project, left in tatters by Twain himself and then bungled up in one way or another by well-meaning editors [Read More…]