From the Shepherd’s Nook: Jesus, Marriage, Divorce (John Frye)

Our Friday From the Shepherd’s Nook post is, as always, by John Frye. Jesus sits and teaches as the new Moses correcting the distorted teachings and practices of Torah related to marriage and divorce. We will review chapters six and seven of Scot McKnight’s Story of God Bible Commentary: Sermon on the Mount. Torah intends [Read More…]

Is Marriage Overblown? (RJS)

Scot brought an article to my attention a few weeks ago – with little to do with science, yet much worth thinking about. This article, All the Single Ladies, by Kate Bolik was published in Nov. 2011 issue of The Atlantic. In her essay Bolik explores many aspects of marriage and relationship in 21st century [Read More…]

The “Me” Marriage

From NYTimes and the Sustainable Marriage Quiz (which measures self-expansion). OK, what do you think of the quiz? What value does this measure have for marriage? Do you think this could be good for group use? [Read more…]

Churches need more focus on Marriage

We need to be sensitive to singleness but we also need to be aware of a profound new study called When Marriage Disappears: Here are the central theses: 1. Marriage is an emerging dividing line between America’s moderately educated middle and those with college degrees. 2.  Marital quality is declining for the moderately educated middle [Read More…]

Marriage Changes 6

From the Pew Research Center: Now the word “Share” is not entirely clear, so here’s my read: in 1960, 76% of college grads or higher were married; in 2008 only 64% of college grads/higher are married. That right? [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 5

From the Pew Research Center: [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 4

From the Pew Research Center: [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 3

From the Pew Research Center: [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 2

From the Pew Center: [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 1

Over the course of the next few days, I will be posting some graphs from the Pew Center Research report: [Read more…]