Free Will is an Illusion? (RJS)

I have been moving of late to include some administrative roles in my duties – and this has led me to receive and even read with interest The Chronicle of Higher Education. The March 23 issue of The Chronicle Review has the provocative cover statement … You may think you decided to read this. You’re [Read More…]

Is Naturalism Christian? (RJS)

Dr. Edward B. (Ted) Davis, Professor of the History of Science at Messiah College has written a nice piece on Christianity and Science in Historical Perspective. The article can be found in a number of different places online. The link on the title is to a recent posting at Q ideas. The article was also [Read More…]

Investigating the Unnatural – Why Believe in God? (RJS)

I began a discussion on Tuesday centered around four online essays. The first, a post on Naturalism and Investigating the Unnatural, is found on a blog written by John Wilkins, a philosopher of science in Australia. It refers to and comments on an online exchange between two philosophers on the New York Times site, What [Read More…]

Investigating the Unnatural – Is Science the Religion of the 21st Century? (RJS)

Justin Topp on his blog A biologist’s view of science & religion has just recently cleared his google reader and posted a Not so Weekly Links Update. There are many good links here on science, religion, or science and religion. One in particular caught my notice. This post on Naturalism and Investigating the Unnatural is [Read More…]