The Committed.Life in the Western World?

From Patrick Mitchel at Irish Bible Institute recently wrote a powerful post about whether or not the kingdom life Jesus taught can be lived in the Western world, and in this post he is creating conversation about our One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow. I want to ask a question at the top of this post [Read More…]

A Very Religious Atheist indeed

From my friend Patrick Mitchel, in Dublin, who heard a lecture from Daniel Dennett: Daniel Dennett, while proclaiming with utter certainty the end of all religion,  is a very religious atheist indeed. As the evening wore on, it felt more and more like  listening to a rather optimistic, naive, kind-hearted yet legalistic preacher in church. [Read More…]

When is Enough Enough?

This post is from our friend in Dublin, Patrick Mitchel. Patrick blogs at Faith in Ireland, and he is a professor at Irish Bible Institute, in the heart of Dublin. Kris and I had the joy of meeting Patrick and the privilege of lecturing at IBI last summer. Thanks Patrick for your gospel work in [Read More…]