Church for the “Next Christians”? … A request for advice (RJS)

Last week I put up a post, based on my own experiences and the suggestions of Gabe Lyons in his new book The Next Christians, with the premise that the focus of church and the understanding of the role of leadership within the church needs to change. The local church is and will remain at [Read More…]

The Next Christians 2

Gabe Lyons is proposing that there is a “Next Christian” and that next set of Christians he calls “Restorers.” We all want to ask two questions: Who are they? What do they look like? If you answer the second question, you can figure out the first one.

The book is called The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America, and in my estimation this book sketches what I also find to be central and defining attributes of followers of Jesus today who both have grown tired of old ways and know there is a better way.

What are the major characteristics of followers of Jesus today who are both faithful to the past but proposing fresh ventures into how to live out the gospel today? Who do you see that represents this movement?

Gabe provides six characteristics of the Restorers: [Read more…]