On Suffering

Tim Dalrymple, a world class gymnast who broke his neck at Stanford and lost a career, recently wrote a post about suffering and connected his experience with that of acerbic atheist Christopher Hitchens. I like his perception of the instrumental element of suffering as much as the absence of seeking to know the mind of [Read More…]

Why we have children … a story

What awakened you to an answer to this question: Why do we have children? Have you thought about? Why do we? From Tim Dalrymple, a former star gymnast at Stanford, at Patheos: I hate the memory of it. I hate it. I hate how stiff my daughter’s body felt in my arms that night. I hate [Read More…]

Tea Party, not a new movement

Timothy Dalrymple, at Patheos, has a remarkable sketch of the emergence of Tea Party ideas back in the Bush era. Let it be said that the Tea Party is not just a post-Obama reactionary movement; commentators who want to blame it on anti-Obama are mistaken. I begin with his opening and finish off with Dalrymple’s [Read More…]