For My Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day: Dali’s Camel

Dali’s Camel

“The sky was big as was my heart.”


There was a time
I was likea camel but didn’t know I
would wander the desert
thirsty for you. The sky was
big as was my heart
waiting waiting crippled
but entertained blind but
exhausted a flower wilted
that does not know her
petals fall delicately
beautifully behind her.

And then
and then
in the distance
your form against
the haze I saw you
a mirage I thought a figement
of a figment of an imagined daydream that
Dali would scribble
before his morning tea.

But it was you it was you
walking towards me over the
desert dunes over the
camels back over the
rushing hum of my spine
of my breast of my beating
heart you made your way
to my door which was
open and cool and a little
bit breathy. We pulled up
two chairs and gazed into
each other: I an oasis
for you you an oasis for
me at last we are not
thirsty anymore.


Let us
drink and drink and wrap
our lives around ourselves
around our souls around
our bodies. The desert has
bloomed, do you see?
The desert at last has


*This poem was first composed and sent as a text.

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