President Trump’s Most Difficult Week

President Trump's Most Difficult Week

President Trump’s Most Difficult Week

President Trump is having his most difficult week as he leaves for the Middle East. So this week, I wanted to share what many people around Patheos have said on the issue. I share this list of links for your further exploration. While I may not agree with everything stated in these posts, I do believe that they give commentary that might be useful to stay informed.

Hemant Metah shares the analysis of Wayne Allen Root who has said that “like Jesus, Trump’s critics want to crucify him.” Brayton criticizes Trump’s claim that “he is the most persecuted politician ever.”

On the other side, Warren Throckmorton writes that there are “court evangelicals” (a phrase coined by John Fea) who support President Trump.

There is a debate about the results of an impeachment of President Trump. Benjamin Corley believes that President Pence would be way, way, worse. Yet, Eric Wathan shows 11 reasons why President Pence would not be “just as bad.”

Brad Fruhauff considers how Showtime’s writers, 500 years hence, might imagine our current executive as a kind of Borgia of the 21st century?

Finally, Roger Olson has a guest post that explains why that guest writer voted for Trump.

Now for some good news: Chuck Norris has offered to be the next FBI Director.

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