Does Religion Explains Why Americans Love White Cars?

Cars come in nearly any color we can imagine. So why do we buy them in white? In general, when color theorists talk about white, they talk about religion. White is a very important color for Christians — liturgically speaking, it’s the color of joy and celebration; in the Catholic Church, it’s the color worn [Read More…]

Sex as Natural Means to Commitment

Tim Keller, The Meaning of Marriage:  The modern sexual revolution find the idea of abstinence till marriage to be so unrealistic as to be ludicrous. In fact, many people believe it is psychologically unhealthy and harmful. Yet despite the contemporary incredulity, this has been the unquestioned uniform teaching of not only one but all of the [Read More…]

Thinking Like Jesus

R.C. Sproul on thinking like Jesus: Several years ago, I was asked to give a convocation address at a major theological seminary in America. In that address, I spoke about the critical role of logic in biblical interpretation, and I pleaded for seminaries to include courses on logic in their required curricula. In almost any [Read More…]

Religion is Wasted on the Young

Timothy Larsen, a Wheaton College professor, contemplates the significance of childlike faith: Christ calls us to become like children again. Counterintuitively, part of what this might mean is that there comes a time to get over our mocking, knowing, puncturing phase and learn to be true grown-ups. This is the maturity that once again allows us [Read More…]

The Buried Church

In 1943, a volcano began growing out of a cornfield in San Juan Parangaricutiro, Michoacán, Mexico. It erupted for eight years, growing to a height of 336 meters and burying the town under layers of lava. The only building still visible amid the destruction is a church—half buried in the surrounding earth, half reaching for the heavens. [Read More…]

Calvinism and the Seeker-Insensitive Church

In the quirky British online journal spiked, Dolan Cummings—“co-founder of the radical humanist campaign group the Manifesto Club”—writes that we have forgotten that John Calvin is a key figure in the intellectual making of the modern world. He provides a fresh outsider’s perspective on the Reformer, but it’s this part about why Calvinism is seeing a resurgence among the [Read More…]

Let ‘Em Have X-Mas, Mr. O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly doesn’t understand Christianity. Two weeks ago, O’Reilly said, “It is a fact that Christianity is not a religion. It is a philosophy.” Now he’s questioning why so many Christian leaders have stayed silent about the “war on Christmas.” The reason, Mr. O’Reilly, is because it’s not that important. Years of being away from [Read More…]

Why Did Jesus Come in 5 B.C.?

Consider two facts: God does not make arbitrary decisions and Christianity is a religion whose truths are rooted in and revealed through history. Assuming those claims are both true—and I have no doubts about either—it follows that the Father had a particular reason for sending the Son to earth circa 5 b.c. But if so, [Read More…]

What is a Christian?

Adrian Warnock argues that we should accept a suitably broad definition of what is a Christian: The belief that Jesus, having died for us, was raised bodily, leaving behind an empty grave and folded grave clothes gave birth to the Church in the first place. Throughout history no major group has used the name “Christian” without [Read More…]

Does Theology Need Literature?

Martin Luther seemed to think so: I am persuaded that without knowledge of literature pure theology cannot at all endure, just as heretofore, when letters [literature] have declined and lain prostrate, theology too, has wretchedly fallen and lain prostrate; nay, I see that there has never been a great revelation of the Word of God unless [Read More…]